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APTmpX Software


APTmpX Software is a cost-effective enhancement to the renowned APT range of codec solutions. Built on the award-winning APTmpX algorithm for MPX/Composite transmission, the APTmpX Software is an easy to deploy version designed to operate seamlessly with leading 3rd party software sound processors.

The APTmpX Software is an essential tool for modern broadcasters looking for a simple to implement, high performance MPX solution at an accessible price. Designed for effortless installation on Windows platforms, APTmpX Software ingests MPX over AES67 and provides seamless integration into existing studio infrastructures.

It delivers superior signal quality with highest transparency at bitrates of 300/400/600 kb/s. It also includes WorldCast’s exclusive SureStream technology, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted MPX transmission with packet redundancy and lowest latency. 

With this new MPX transmission software, FM broadcasters now have access to high-quality signal compression for MPX/Composite transmission.

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Applications for Seamless MPXoIP Broadcast Chain Using APTmpX Software

Below are three applications in which broadcasters can choose to use APTmpX Software in a seamless MPXoIP broadcast chain. As you can see, from a studio software sound processor, broadcasters can rely on APTmpX to transport their MPX content to the transmitter site and is flexible to different configurations. 

APTmpX Software applications

APTmpX Software Benefits


Enables 100% Digital Transmission Chain
With The Lowest Complexity

The complete digital signal path from the studio to the analog RF carrier of the transmitter represents the pinnacle of quality for analog FM broadcasting. APTmpX offers an ideal solution for this transition, featuring low complexity, minimal latency, and straightforward integration to seamlessly connect your digital studio with your digital transmitter.

Protects Sophisticated Sound Processing

APTmpX preserves the integrity of the original MPX/composite. 
It ensures that the rich sound quality of your high-end MPX/composite integrator remains intact.

Hardware Savings and Sonic Signature

By transmitting a centrally generated MPX/composite signal, most MPX composite equipment at transmitter sites is no longer needed. APTmpX Software offers high signal fidelity with optimal latency performance, ensuring your sonic signature is consistently maintained across the entire transmitter network.

Save Network Bandwidth

APTmpX is a multiple award-winning bitrate reduction algorithm designed to save network bandwidth while transmitting consistent MPX/composite signals. With APTmpX Software, you benefit from the APT technology to transmit the final MPX/composite signal at 300, 400, or 600 Kbps.


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