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Multi-Layered FM Transmitter Monitoring



Based on decades of experience in FM transmitter design, RF measurements and network supervision, WorldCast Systems has developed a unique and innovative solution to monitor all types of FM transmission networks, from local radio stations to multi-continent radio broadcasters.This industry-leading solution helps radios and broadcasters to ensure the audio continuity and reduce downtime over the broadcast chain

With multi-layered FM transmission monitoring, benefit from a complete solution, including equipment monitoring as well as QoE and QoS monitoring with the combination of Ecreso, Audemat and Kybio products. 



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Monitoring is crucial in today’s radio market and having the right tools is essential for efficient network management. WorldCast Systems' solution provides a complete range of tools for proactive decision making. When a fault is detected, the suite of tools tracks the side-effects as well as its causes. Operators can focus on solving the main issue without losing time on minor failures. This results in important operation cost savings by reducing the number of local interventions on-site. 

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Broadcasters monitor their transmission chain using a number of disparate proprietary solutions; this makes it even more difficult to perform cause analysis and troubleshooting. With WorldCast's solution, each product self-monitors and sends notifications when needed. Paired with Kybio, our NMS solution, operators benefit from a comprehensive monitoring solution which collects data and events sourcing from WorldCast devices, but also from any IP-compatible equipment. This solution enables the scheduling of preventive maintenance and simplifies daily maintenance.


What is "multi-layered" FM transmitter monitoring?

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Keeping broadcast transmitters ON-AIR is the main priority for radios all over the world. Indeed, the ON-AIR time has a direct impact on the stations’ financial health, as their main revenue source is advertising. It is therefore critical for radios to monitor their transmitters, detect any disturbance in the chain and take required corrective actions before transmitter operation is impacted. 

Multi-layered monitoring collects the key point indicators of different devices in concentric layers, from the transmitter itself to the listeners. The WorldCast Systems' solution integrates 4 layers: 

  • Transmitter health monitoring: this first layer, embedded into the transmitter, consists of monitoring the transmitter itself thanks to the numerous measurements available. These are current, voltage, temperature, fans and many others.
  • External transmitter monitoring: the second layer monitors the immediate transmitter environment such as the devices before and after the transmitter, as well as the environmental conditions in the room.
  • Quality of signal monitoring: while the first 2 layers are focused on the transmitter site, the third layer is monitoring the signal received by the listeners. At this stage, the objective is to qualify the quality of the received RF signal and detect any failures in the chain.
  • Broadcast network monitoring: last but not least, the broadcast network monitoring acts as an umbrella. At this stage, radios and broadcasters collect data from their complete broadcasting infrastructure and not only from one coverage area.

The result is a unified monitoring solution that simplifies daily broadcasting operations with real-time supervision and instantaneous failure detection and root-cause analysis. 


Our Solutions

Ecreso FM 1kW - AiO Series

Transmitter health monitoring 

Highly efficient, the Ecreso FM transmitters are part of the world’s leading FM transmitters for low and medium power transmitters up to 10kW.
Fully packed with built-in features (RDS encoder, sound processor, digital modulator and audio over IP decoder and many others), they alsoinclude advanced self-monitoring tools to facilitate their operation and maintenance, such as in-band spectrum analyzer, graphical history logs, SNMP support and more than 30 different sensors!



External Transmitter Monitoring

Since the Audemat range's first on-site monitoring system launched in the late 1980s, the Audemat product range has extented to provide broadcasters with complete control and supervision of their transmitter site. 
Through an intuitive graphical interface, the Audemat ScriptEasy allows operators to create customized scripts to transform their transmission site into a completely autonomous and intelligent site that automatically detects any faults and applies corrective actions to maximize the ON-AIR time of the broadcast chain. 
Primarily offered as a software solution (Virtual ScriptEasy), ScriptEasy also comes as an embedded feature in APT and other Audemat products.  


Virtual ScriptEasy
Audemat FM Probe

Quality of Signal Monitoring

When it comes to signal monitoring, Audemat is the solution. With 40+ years of expertise, WorldCast Systems has designed an innovative platform, fully-featured, for RF signal monitoring, on-site and coverage area. The Audemat FM Probe monitors up to 50 channels and includes a large set of tools to monitor and analyze Audio, RDS, MPX and RF signals. 



Broadcast Network Management System 

Supervising the complete broadcast chain is key to achieve maximum ON-AIR time. 
Kybio offers an end-to-end, unified monitoring system that simplifies the daily management of broadcast networks. Regardless of their size and complexity, Kybio collects the key data of each equipment in the chain and provides, through an intuitive web interface, a real-time status of the broadcast chain. Advanced modules allow the operators to facilitate operation support thanks to powerful analytics and a reporting engine. 



Kybio NMS

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