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Ecreso RXR2 (re-broadcast receiver)



Introducing the latest professional FM receiver, crafted with the renowned Audemat expertise in RF measurement and analysis. This cutting-edge receiver is built on a digital-based platform, with 2 independent FM receivers, ensuring superior performance, precision. 

It also comes with a user-friendly web interface, making it accessible and easy to operate for all broadcasters. Additionally, the integration of ScriptEasy technology for site supervision offers unparalleled control and automation capabilities, solidifying this receiver as an essential tool for any broadcasting professional.


Current Version: 1.0


Ecreso RXR2

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Designed to meet broadcasters needs, the Ecreso RXR2 is continuously enriched with new software functionalities to adapt the increasing demand for rebroadcasting chain. Highly scalable, the platform is also ready for DAB rebroadcasting. 

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High Quality
for Listeners

Experience unparalleled audio quality with our FM receiver, thanks to its advanced digital software architecture. By performing all processing at the digital level and delivering outputs in digital formats (audio and MPX), it ensures crystal-clear sound. Additionally, sophisticated filter algorithms enhance the demodulated signal quality, providing listeners with an exceptional auditory experience.

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WorldCast Systems excels in rebroadcasting, seamlessly integrating two core competencies: FM monitoring measurement and FM transmission. With over 30 years of expertise in crafting transmitters, monitoring equipment, and professional receivers, we lead the FM market. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures reliable solutions that meet the diverse needs of broadcasters worldwide.


Perfectly Engineered For Broadcasters

Diagram showing function of Ecreso RXR2

Key Features


User-Friendly Web Interface

The Ecreso RXR2 can be managed without effort. Its responsive & secured web interface allows complete configuration and monitoring of the system. It also includes full SNMP v2c and v3 management, allowing remote monitoring as well as easy integration into NMS such as KYBIO.

Dual Independent Receiver

The Ecreso RXR2 features dual independent FM tuners, enabling the simultaneous decoding of two FM programs. Thanks to the built-in monitoring, the unit automatically switch to the second backup frequency upon audio loss. In the event of failure on the backup, the automatic mute feature disables automatically all the outputs. 

Real-Time Measurement & Monitoring

The Ecreso RXR2 provides detailed and accurate measurement of all signal parameters graphically. An extensive list of configurable parameters allows the monitoring of all changes in the program with alarms and notifications. 


Multiple Outputs

With its numerous outputs, the RXR2 is the ideal receiver for your retransmission sites! Whether you need MPX or audio broadcasting, the RXR2 offers both analog and digital outputs to meet all your needs.


ScriptEasy is the revolutionary facility control software developed by WorldCast Systems to create “Smart” sites and automatically correct any critical errors that affect operations. Featuring an intuitive Graphic Scripting Interface, the ScriptEasy allows to create your own autonomous sites and to bring intelligent monitoring and control at network scale. 


Kybio is a centralized network management system enabling you to access all the relevant insights of your FM network in a single platform. It includes real-time data from multiple equipment and locations, autoconfiguration engine of your devices, dynamic dashboards and diagrams, and real-time alarms and notifications.


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