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Worldcast Systems - Radio & TV Broadcast Solutions

Professional Services

WorldCast Systems has six decades of experience imagining, building, and delivering radio and TV broadcast solutions to sites across the world. We understand first-hand customer challenges and that is why we offer a wide scope of services to ensure you benefit from all the help, support, and information you need to make sure your machines are up and running at optimal performance.

Across our different product ranges (APT, AUDEMAT, ECRESO, KYBIO) customers not only find the equipment 

they need to ensure their audience is satisfied, they also benefit from an experienced team of engineers and technicians throughout their entire project lifespan. 

Whether you require a full service solution that takes care of every aspect or you are simply looking for help in specific areas to complement in-house skills, we can provide the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure your network is on-the air in time and on budget.


Our team of experts partner with you
throughout all phases of your project with our large scope of services

WorldCast Sytems Services
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Engineering and Project Study

From the beginning of a project, we can help with initial research and feasibility up to the writing your technical requirements. As part of our expertise, we can assist you with conducting coverage studies for new site deployments, selecting the best equipment for your broadcast chain from the Studio to Transmitter based on your own criteria - features, reliability, prices - and defining the cooling requirement, RF cabling installation, electricity protection and network access.

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Turnkey Solutions

We can provide turnkey solutions, including :

  • PIE material: audio patch panels, codecs, RDS encoders, audio processors, audio quality monitors, wattmeters.
  • 19” Racks (from PIE material to transmitters) for broadcasting site or outdoor, to integrate all your equipment with all the accessories: slide rails, energy distribution, drawers, fans.
  • RF parts : Rigid lines, coaxial cables, directional couplers, cavity filters, combiners, antennas’ systems, pylons.
  • Energy: Diesel generators, Automatic voltage regulators (AVR), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Isolation transformers, Mains Low Voltage Distribution Boards (MLVDB), Wave absorbers.
  • Installation material kit: cables from audio to energy, cable trays, grounding kits, mechanical/electrical/maintenance tools kit.
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Installation / Supervision

WorldCast products tend to be as simple to install, configure and operate as possible thanks to their user-friendly interfaces, smart features and easy maintenance. In addition to the standard product, customers can benefit from a multitude of services for a turnkey deployment. These include Factory Acceptance Test, RF supervision, basic and full product configuration, sound processor settings...and more!


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We offer a number of training modules tailored for our customers and partners profiles and objectives. All courses are designed to transfer the skills and know-how necessary to ensure the optimal performance of their WorldCast Systems equipment. In addition to product training, we empower fellow broadcast professionals to expand their knowledge around different Radio & TV technology thematics.

Build valuable new skills.


A WorldCast Systems instructor can train your team on-site or remotely.

We send one of our experts to you or you come to us! We’re flexible to work with what’s best for you.

You can also train remotely via video conference or webinars.


Product Training
FM transmitters, monitoring, measurement, IP codecs, RDS encoder...

Radio & TV Technologies
Terrestrial digital radio, IP compression, modulation, SFN networks...

Defining your coverage area, dimensioning a broadcast chain...

Customized courses designed to meet the specific needs of participating companies and their delegates.


Want proof of your new expertise? 

WorldCast Systems certifies trainees who have validated their new skills.

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Maintenance & Support

Even when you are up and running, we continue to provide ongoing support to ensure that your station maintains optimal performance and enjoys maximum uptime.  The objective: ensure continuous, high quality on-air broadcasting and an optimized OPEX.


Software Updates

WorldCast Teams work continuously to improve our solutions with new features focused on Security, Ease of Use and simplicity. New software versions are released periodically. Contact us if you are interested in upgrading your system.

Hotline Service

Our hotline service is available at three of our office locations covering the Americas, EMEA, and the UK (specifically for APT). 

Customers can benefit from a 24/7 assistance with a Premium Service Agreement.

Repair Centers

Over the years, we have developed a worldwide network of nearly 100 distributors for our different brands, including 20+ local partners supporting customers with local assistance and the repair of faulty products.  

To ensure the quality, reliability and lifespan of your equipment, we extensively train our partners and certify them as official Repair Centers.  

Contact your local sales manager for more details on the closest Repair Center.  

Spare Parts

When designing a new product, Ease of Maintenance is one of our key objectives. In recent years, we have released highly reliable products with hot pluggable power supplies, hot swappable fans, and when possible, fanless equipment to facilitate the periodic maintenance.  

To make sure your maintenance job is as easy as possible, we also keep an up-to-date list of all modules and spare parts available for your equipment: power supplies, fans, amplifier boards, control boards, CPU boards, and more.

Field Support

With products sold and installed in over 80 countries, our Field Support Team, composed of technicians & engineers, work closely with the Hotline & Support team to answer your daily questions.  

In the event of software and / or hardware repair of your equipment, our Team is ready to take the next flight to your location with only one objective in mind: solving your problems !  

support in korea

Legend: Support team visiting a transmitter site in Korea - 2019


Benefit from customized support with a Support Level Agreement

To make sure you reap all the benefits of your broadcast investment, you can rely on the WorldCast Systems’ Support Agreement program. The range of services available and with the support of our team of experts, you will benefit from maximum uptime, better performance, 
and overall improve your Total Cost of Ownership!