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Ensuring at any time that radio is ON-AIR is the first priority for all radio operators. 

Deployed on thousands of studio to transmitter links worldwide, WorldCast has designed audio over IP codecs to help radios and broadcasters to maintain broadcast audio quality while optimizing their operating costs. 

The APT portfolio integrates a set of codecs suited for all STL configurations, from point-to-point audio links to multicast audio network typologies. 

Based on a dedicated platform for 24/7 operation, the APT codecs are also available as software solutions through the newly launched Virtual APT IP Codec as well as the APT IP Decoder embedded into the AiO series FM transmitter



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Reducing the operating costs of radio broadcasters is a priority at WorldCast. 
With our APT codecs, radios can replace dedicated and expensive connections with one or many low-cost public DSL lines, at a fraction of the cost. The many built-in features supported by the codecs enable broadcasters to remove peripheral equipment at the studio as well as the transmitter site, thus reducing both the OPEX and CAPEX.

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Based on 30+ years of expertise in audio transport over multiple network infrastructures, APT codecs provide state-of-the art technology to maximize the audio continuity of audio over IP links. 
The well-known and field-proven SureStream technology, deployed over thousands of links across the globe, enables broadcasters to secure their audio transport over imperfect network links. With the help of multiple local and distant audio backups, APT codecs remain ON-AIR, even in the worst network conditions.

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Built on a professional DSP platform designed for 24/7 operations, APT codecs provide an unrivaled audio fidelity on the market. The full set of audio compression algorithms, including E-aptX, enables broadcasters to achieve very high audio quality over the STL link while optimizing the existing bandwidth. They also benefit from the first non-perceptual MPX algorithm, APTmpX, offering the perfect balance between high fidelity and cost effective transmission.  


The Solution

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Keeping the transmitter on-air is a critical mission. The STL cannot suffer from any failure without directly affecting the broadcasted signal. WorldCast Systems has designed an APT codec range and technologies to compensate the IP network errors and maintain audio continuity, independently of network status. 

The WorldCast APT product range is based on rock-solid professional platforms designed for 24/7 operation which integrate multiple mechanisms to ensure maximum ON-AIR time.


Available on all APT codecs, SureStream technology uses the natural dynamic of IP networks to route multiple audio and MPX streams across different network paths, resulting In a perfect copy of the original stream at the end of communication. 

On the sender's side, the APT encoder generates multiple copies sent physically through different network access providers, or virtually routes through different paths thanks to the SureStream Diversity generator. 

On the receiver's side, the advanced resequencing engine enables APT decoders to reconstruct a seamless stream from the different stream received while maintaining very low latency. 


SureStream Technology
Virtual ScriptEasy


The APT decoder can also automatically switch to one of the multiple backup modes available on-site or remotely and maintain the transmitter ON-AIR.

APT products integrate ScriptEasy, an automation engine software that enables users to graphically create scripts and automatically adjust the codecs' critical errors and restore audio feed on the transmitter. 

With ScriptEasy, the codec can automatically switch from a main to backup audio feed without human intervention! In the unlikely event of loss of both network paths, backup can also be managed locally by the APT codec or the AiO series FM transmitter via an audio file stored on the local SD card. 

For the Ecreso AiO series, the audio file can also be replaced by an MP3 audio streaming from web radio.



Products & Technologies For Your STLs

Audio and MPX over IP Codecs


APT IP Codecs

A flagship product of the APT range, the APT IP CODEC is a professional IP stereo codec for studio to transmitter links as well as audio contribution. With the APT IP codec, benefit from the most advanced audio over IP technologies including SureStream, APTmpX, and SynchroStream.


APT IP Codec
Ecreso FM 1kW - AiO Series

Ecreso FM transmitter - AiO Series

The AiO series is a new FM transmitter range including all the expertise of WorldCast Systems. Fully digital, it includes many built-in features such as a 5-band sound processor, RDS encoder as well as the first software based APT IP decoder supporting both SureStream technology and APTmpX compression.



Monitor your network

Kybio Media

Preventing failures before they happen is critical for STL owners and radios. With KYBIO, monitor the complete chain, from Audio over IP encoder to transmitter as well as router, and be alerted as soon as an issue is detected. 
With APT products, benefit from a 1-year free subscription to KYBIO SaaS.  


Kybio NMS

Featured Success Stories

Tusass Groenland

Tusass in Greenland relies on WorldCast Systems for major rollout of STLs


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