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The Audemat FM Probe is a complete FM monitoring solution to perform advanced signal analysis, onsite or in the coverage area. 

The powerful and innovative platform can monitor up to 50 channels sequentially and up to 8 channels continuously, to ensure that your FM network complies with both legislation and expectations. 

It also includes a complete set of tools to perform FM band scanning and monitoring, real time analysis, audio streaming and recording, full RDS decoding, RF, MPX and audio spectrum analysis...
The Audemat FM Probe is feature-packed with a user-friendly web interface, alarm notification by email or SNMP traps, and is equiped with telemetry board and ScriptEasy to remotely control your facilities and perform automated actions. 


Current Version: 1.3.9


Why Audemat FM Probe?
Main Benefits

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Audemat FM Probe is the result of the company’s 40 years of expertise developing analog and digital signal monitoring solutions for radio & TV. The Audemat range is recognized worldwide for its level of quality, accuracy, and reliability. 

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Time & Operational
Cost Savings

Users benefit from standard tools to remotely control the quality of their FM broadcast as well as the good operating conditions of their facility.

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Comprehensive &
Scalable Platform

Designed to meet market needs after extensive customer feedback, Audemat FM Probe is a feature-rich hardware platform that is ready for optimal performance of monitoring, measurement, and analysis. Highly scalable, it can monitor up to 8 channels continuously and 50 channels sequencially.


Features & Applications


Ensuring Optimal QoS and QoE

Audemat FM Probe is a must-have for ensuring you are providing the best, continous service to listeners 
while meeting all signal and conformity regulations.

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Product Highlights


Scan and Monitor the FM BAND

The fast FM band scanning allows visualizing the entire FM spectrum and identifies the channels you may like to monitor. 24/7 scan monitoring is also available and can inform you in case of missing or unauthorized FM stations. 

Audemat FM Probe web interface
Audemat FM Probe web interface


The AUDEMAT FM Probe gives the ability to get a global overview of all the monitored stations to efficiently get all information needed at a first glance. it includes main alarms, audio vumeters, RDS and more... 


Qualify The FM reception quality

The advanced measurements and relevant parameter values are represented graphically. Trends can be consulted over 3 rolling months.

Audemat FM Probe web interface
Audemat FM Probe web interface

Analyse in depth RDS data

In addition to FM and audio related information, the AUDEMAT FM PROBE has the ability to display realtime RDS information starting from basic RDS application to more advanced like TMC


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Advanced Monitoring Solution

Kybio is a network management system for media and broadcast. It is designed to simplify and unify the supervision of even the most complex media ecosystem.

KYBIO cloud-based monitoring included with your Audemat FM Probe (1-year SaaS subscription free of charge):

  • Centralizes real-time data from multiple equipment and locations
  • Autoconfiguration engine of your devices
  • Dynamic dashboards and diagrams
  • Real-time alarms and notifications
  • ½ day configuration support included


Kybio NMS 1-year free

Advanced Facility Control and Automation

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Virtual ScriptEasy is a revolutionary facility control software for connected devices, enabling the automatic correction of any critical errors that may occur.

Across its intuitive web interface, ScriptEasy includes management of the GPIO, serial communications, SNMP, logic operators, live user inputs, timers, and more. This enables the “scripting” of site operations for evaluating multiple parameters and automatically engaging back up systems, while simultaneously alerting relevant technical personnel.

Integrated in the Audemat FM Probe, ScriptEasy is the core technology used for the product’s telemetry input-outputs.

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