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FM Single Frequency Network



Unique on the market, WorldCast Systems brings you the most comprehensive, turnkey solution for your FM-SFN broadcasting, whether it's for highways or FM booster applications.

With our range of advanced broadcast products, technologies, and services, we centralize the expertise you can rely on, leaving you more time to focus on your main objective to deliver reliable, great sounding radio to your listeners.

This ultimate FM-SFN solution is built upon solid partnerships between WorldCast Systems and other leading experts in SFN deployment. By combining our know-how, you benefit from the industry's best-in-class for your FM-SFN project.


"With our complete FM-SFN package, broadcasters will experience a new standard of seamlessness, performance & audio quality."

Gregory Mercier, Director of Product Marketing

WorldCast Systems

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 Broadcasters can rely on our technical and on-the-field expertise in FM broadcast, signal test and measurement. With accurate predictive coverage, perfect control of the signals, and drive tests, WorldCast Systems' FM-SFN solution increases your base of potential listeners with boosters. This solution is also largely used for single frequency broadcasting on highways.

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Best signal quality is achieved with a full digital chain and the most accurate content synchronization. Digital MPX/Composite can be transported over IP to the FM transmitters without any D/A conversion. RF signals are equally generated by direct-to-channel digital modulators and SynchroStream ensures unrivaled content synchronization. Designed to keep you ON-AIR 24/7, we provide redundant solutions and secured IP transport with SureStream. 

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Our team of experts and partners cover the complete SFN chain from the studio to the listeners: prediction coverage, Audio/MPX IP codecs, digital FM transmitters, antennas, drive tests, content and RF synchronization, monitoring, and more. WorldCast Systems manufactures the key devices and technologies you need for top-quality SFN; this end-to-end expertise significantly simplifies your project sourcing and ensures seamless compatibility. 


Our Expertise

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What People Are Saying

"The latest SFN network we deployed using APT codecs and Ecreso FM transmitters is delivering great results! It’s the best sounding SFN network I have ever heard, the coverage area is significantly better and all mush zones are eliminated. Set-up and configuration was also a breeze, and we appreciated support from the WorldCast Systems team."


- Marcus Bekker, President -
Southern Broadcast Ltd., New Zealand


Products & Technologies


The WorldCast solution includes KYBIO Media to ensure the operational continuity across the chain. It collects and centralizes data from all equipment, provides measurements, alarms and notifications. A customized dashboard indicates the status of your SFN network and the synchronization of your cells.


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Fully digital Ecreso FM transmitters

Famous for their high efficiency, robustness and features, Ecreso FM transmitters has become the worldwide reference. Thanks to the direct-to-channel digital modulator, the solution provides a perfect signal quality and reproducibility between SFN cells. All transmitters are GPS synchronized through 10MHz input, with an automatic switchover to an internal clock to stay on-air in any case.  



APT IP Codecs

Over 30 years of expertise delivering exceptional audio quality on a solid, reliable platform. By choosing the APT IP Codec, FM-SFN broadcasters benefit from a unique set of innovations: SynchroStream, APTmpX, and SureStream.  



Worldcast Systems' single frequency FM solution includes content transport over IP with the most stable and accurate time synchronization. Reception quality is perfectly controlled across your strategic coverage areas thanks to SynchroStream. This new technology enables you to set the location of content synchronization with an accuracy better than 50m over the overlap areas (program delays can be set by unprecedented steps of 125ns


SFN can be achieved using audio or MPX/composite transport from the studio. MPX/Composite offers a higher guarantee to get the exact same signal broadcasted by each transmitter, however it requires huge bandwidth. APTmpX is the first and only non-destructive MPX/composite algorithm designed to save network bandwidth. Opting for this solution, SFN networks benefit from the best signal quality while keeping IP costs as low as possible. 


APT's market-leading innovation for low cost, highly reliable audio transport over public internet. SureStream offers dual stream redundancy for optimal reliability, zero drop outs, zero jitter, lowest latency. As a result, the solution saves thousands on your transport bills while offering your listeners the highest quality sound.


Audemat FM MC5

When it comes to SFN, predictions are not sufficient and the network needs to be fine-tuned based on field tests. The Audemat FM MC5 is the most comprehensive and versatile measurement platform for FM. We verify the good operation of your FM-SFN broadcast chain and use the Drive Test module with GoldenEar to create real-world map coverage of your program.  




Onboard the Audemat FM MC5, GoldenEar improves the drive tests by providing a mathematical and objective quality rating of the FM signal received by listeners. 
Used by major broadcasters and regulators for decades, this software technology simplifies analysis and reporting.   



Your FM Single Frequency Network

The below diagram illustrates a typical FM-SFN network using the end-to-end WorldCast solution, enabling seamless deployment from your studio to your transmitter sites, and finally to your listeners. With KYBIO Media, a powerful monitoring software, you oversee your entire infrastructure and ensure continuity of service. 

WorldCast Systems Single Frequency Network

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