Combining the very latest technologies with ECRESO’s proven RF experience, our 750W FM Transmitter has been designed to offer an innovative and highly reliable solution for medium power transmission.

Based on a 6th Generation MOSFET, the Ecreso FM 750W is highly robust and delivers efficiency of up to 70%. Top signal quality and performance are achieved thanks to the “FM Band Direct to Frequency” Digital Modulator. It also offers several innovative features such as dynamicRDS encoding and 5 band sound processing.

Fully featured for local maintenance and configuration, the Ecreso FM 750W allows extensive remote control by Web server, SNMP, RS232 or GPIOs.


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Performance

  • Digital FM modulator "direct to channel"
  • Highest signal quality
  • Perfect audio fidelity
  • 5 Band Sound Processor
  • Compact transmitter, modular design
  • Protected against VSWR, temperature, over-voltage, short circuit, overload...
  • Switching power supplies with large voltage range
  • Active surge current limiting
  • Optional surge suppressor
  • MPX over AES compatibility


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Control

  • Advanced Measurement Interface (AMI)
  • Expert Maintenance Reporting (EMR)
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Full SNMP management
  • Email Notifications


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Savings

  • Up to 70% efficiency
  • 6th MOSFET generation (WorldCast Systems’ design)
  • Reduced consumption and operational costs
  • Reduced heat and cooling costs
  • Longer component life span
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Built-in functionality


Digital Exciter


  • Digital FM modulator "direct to channel"
  • Highest signal quality
  • Perfect audio fidelity
  • Several built-in broadcast tools
  • 5 band sound processor
  • Control of all signal parameters
advanced control


  • Advanced Measurement Interface (AMI)
  • Expert Maintenance Reporting (EMR)
  • Intuitive Web Interface
  • Full SNMP Management
up to 70% efficiency


  • 6th MOSFET generation (WorldCast Systems design)
  • Reduced consumption and operational costs
  • Reduced heat and cooling costs
  • Longer component life span
  • Reduced maintenance costs
highly reliable


  • Compact transmitter, modular design
  • Protected against VSWR, temperature, over-voltage, short circuit, overload...
  • Switching power supplies with large voltage range
  • Active surge current limiting
  • Optional Surge Suppressor
  • Automatic program input switching and recovery (audio and MPX)
  • Audio Backup (from µSD card)
  • Internal RDS Backup

5 Band Sound Processor

The Ecreso FM Transmitter range also features an integrated multi-band sound processor! This fully digital sound processor offers the highest signal quality and outstanding reliability as no additional hardware is required*.

You can choose from a wide-band or a multi-band version to achieve the level of  processing required at your site and the processor is supplied with a full set of presets for many different formats and requirements. 

  • Hosted in direct to frequency Digital Modulator
  • Highest quality processing from audio input to RF output
  • Powerful DSP-based processing
  • Complete 5-band architecture
  • Factory presets for all formats
  • Easy to fine tune through intuitive GUI
  • Real-time meters at each stage
  • No additional hardware:
    maximum reliability, no maintenance

Sound Processor interface

Processing stages

Audio Processor on Ecreso Transmitter. Processing stages

Automatic Gain Control
The first stage of the processor is an automatic gain control which regulates the perceived volume level of the station output across all audio sources and formats. It uses predictive algorithms and protects against unwelcome increases in noise.

Equalization, Bass and Treble Enhancers
The AGC is followed by enhancers which embellish both the low and high frequencies. Combined with 3 parametric equalizers, they enable the creation of a distinct sonic signature. 

Stereo Enhancer and Limiter
A stereo enhancer can be used to improve the stereo image of your station when using non-mono content. It also includes a stereo limiter to improve the quality of your station in areas with problematic coverage.  

5 Band Processor
The 5 Band Processor dynamically adjusts the gain of each audio band. Depending on the selected preset, it can work as a slow and purist multi-band leveler, or as a fuller processor to create a strong sonic signature. The fidelity parameter enables you to fine tune the bands according to your preference; from a purist sound to a more colored texture. 

5 band Limiters
5 limiters have been designed to facilitate the work of the final clipper. For soft formats, the limiters provide smooth protection for your final audio and for commercial stations, they can be used to create extra loudness. 

Final Limiters
This section uses several limiters including HF and final low distortion limiters. In addition, and independently of any preset, the ECRESO FM Transmitter can be configured with an MPX Power Limiter and a deviation Hard Clipper for transmitter protection. 

* Check your version for compatibility


Advanced Communication Pack

Advanced Communication Pack

  • Intuitive and secured Web Interface (TCP/IP)
  • Advanced Measurement Interface
  • Full SNMP Management
  • Audio Backup on µSD card
Audio processing 5 band

Multiband Sound Processor*

  • DSP based 5-band or wide-band processing
  • Presets for all applications and formats
  • Intuitive GUI to fine tune your sonic signature
  • Low distortion Final Limiter & MPX Power Limiter (ITU 412)
    * verify your version compatibility
Dynamic RDS Encoder

Dynamic RDS Encoder

  • Supports PI, PS, TP, TA, MS, PTY, PTYN, DI, CT, AF, RT
  • Dynamic PS Scrolling
  • Pure and stable signal thanks to Digital Modulator
  • Delivers Audemat’s expertise in RDS
Single Frequency Network

Single Frequency Network

  • 10 MHz input for RF carrier synchronization 
  • Adjustable program delay (on audio / MPX inputs)
GPIO Boards

GPIO Boards

  • Digital GPIO Board : main alarm monitoring and control (RF off/on, Standby, Presets...)
  • OR Analog GPIO Board : with analog output voltages (forward power, temperature...)


  • Automatic change of preset
  • RF Power scheduling and consumption saving
  • Schedule any parameter of your ECRESO FM
    * verify your version compatibility
Internal Surge Protector

Internal Surge Protector

  • Powerful protection against lightning
  • Visible status LED
  • Easy to replace
Email notifications

Email Notifications

  • Alarm sending by SMTP
  • Easy configuration of each notification
  • Same notifications can be sent by SNMP
MPX over AES

MPX over AES

  • Improved MPX signal quality
  • No hardware change
  • Compatible with MPX over IP APT codecs
Digital Stereo Encoder

Digital Stereo Encoder

  • High speed DSP circuitry
  • Subcarrier perfect synchronization
  • Amazing signal quality


Available in Redundant 1+1 & N+1 Systems. Find Out More:  1+1   N+1

USER Interface

Advanced Measurement Interface

Advanced Measurement Interface (AMI) 

Monthly history logs

24h History Logs

Ecreso offers up to 10 years' WARRANTY

WorldCast Systems offers a standard warranty of 3 years on all our FM transmitters and up to TEN YEARS' Warranty on our range of compact FM transmitters and new ECRESO FM 5kW/10kW for a small additional charge.

No other FM Transmitter Manufacturer even comes close to that commitment or confidence! We can offer the 10 Year Warranty with confidence thanks to:

  • Our exceptional design quality
  • The outstanding efficiency of our transmitters
  • Advanced diagnostics capabilities
Ecreso up to 10 year warranty

Be Proactive with Expert Maintenance Reporting

EMR is a proactive service available on ECRESO FM Transmitters. It sends the user regular reports on the status of key parameters such as temperatures, currents and voltages, plus information on the performance and lifespan of components such as the fan and power supply of the transmitter.

With detailed logging and trend analysis, Expert Maintenance Reporting can identify slow-burning problems and issue warnings well in advance to allow for corrective action to be taken.  A map-based display of current statuses and detailed, user-friendly reports and graphs can be accessed around the clock in the EMR user page.

Learn more about

Advanced Communication Pack

Connect with WorldCast Manager

The WorldCast Manager  simplifies the management of all SNMP-enabled devices in a network, providing real-time status, historical data and visualization of multiple devices from a single screen. The intuitive and simple-to-use interface shows all devices located at your site(s) displaying product information, alerting you to any alarms and providing one-click access to the unit’s web-based control interface.

The WorldCast Manager is compatible with all WorldCast Systems’ equipment as well as SNMP devices from ANY manufacturer.

logo WorldCast Manager

Learn more about
WorldCast Manager

user report

User report

«The compact design of the ECRESO is not only a neat solution, it also makes it really easy to conduct maintenance tasks with no nasty surprises! They have totally changed our way of operating – very much for the better!»
Sylvain Cavet, Technical Director, Broadcast-associés, France 

user report

User report

«We have a 10 year warranty on the Ecreso system, a sign of a manufacturer with confidence in their design and one of these things that helps me sleep a little easier.»
Mike Woodworth, Peak Broadcasting Company, Arizona, USA

user report

User report

“Imagine if we could offer our listeners a sophisticated listening experience which delivered quality, space, transparency and avoided listener fatigue. Imagine if we could offer a sound that was simply a joy to listen to.”



Current Version: 1.6

Frequency range87.5 to 108 MHz by 10 kHz steps
Frequency stability< 10-6 per year
HF output 7/16 Type,  50 Ω
Power rangeRange: 50-750 W, Setting: 0-750 W 
VSWR< 1.35, optimal performance: < 1.1 , protection : >1.5
Spurious and harmonic suppression> 75 dBc
Efficiencyup to 70%
Max consumption1150 W
Voltage184 VAC to 264 VAC, 47 Hz - 63 Hz
Power factor> 0.9
Fuses10 AT
Analog input (LINE1)2 XLR connectors, balanced, >10 kΩ (600 Ω jumpers selectable), software adjustable level (-18/+18 dBu range)
AES Input (LINE2) 1 XLR connector, balanced, >110 Ω, software adjustable level (-20 to 0dBFS range), AES 16,24,32 bits, up to 192 kHz
2 Multiplex (MPX/SCA) inputs BNC type, unbalanced, >5 kΩ, software adjustable level (-18/+18 dBu range)
Composite operation
Bandwidth> 40 Hz to 53 kHz @ 0.1 dB,  > 20 Hz to 60 kHz @ 0.2 dB,  > 60 kHz to 80 kHz @ 0.4 dB
Intermodulation distortion< 0.05%
FM S/N ratio> 80 dB RMS @ 75 kHz deviation
AM noise>55 dB, weighted/unweighted, sync/async,  RMS/CCIR (20-20 000 Hz)
Stereo operation
Bandwidth> 20 Hz to 15 kHz @ 0.1 dB 
38 kHz discontinuance> 50 dB
Stereophonic crosstalk> 50 dB
Mono operation
Bandwidth> 40 Hz to 15 kHz @ 0.1 dB
Out of band rejection> 40 Hz dB @ 19 kHz
Preemphasis0 µs, 50 µs or 75 µs 
Environmental / Physical specifications
Overall dimensionsOverall: 19’’ (482.6 mm) X 3U (133.5 mm) X 470 mm, Rack size: 440.4 X 126.2 X 432 mm (WxHxD) 
Enclosure depth required600 mm 
Mounting19’’enclosure, with 4 M6X12 screws
Weight~13 kg / ~18 kg
Operating temperatureNominal: 5°C to 45°C, Maximum: 0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C , < 10 years
Humidity5 - 95 % non-condensing relative humidity
AltitudeUp to 3900 m 
Cooling1 fan: ~ 30 l/s
MarkingCE, FCC, ICC
Standards1999/5/CE (R&TTE), ETS 302 018 (EMC), ETS 300 384 (Radio), NF EN 60215 (Safety)

Order information

TF00996-2-750WECRESO FM 1000W - Limited to 750W
Software Options
CD00162Communication Pack
CD00106Dynamic RDS
CD010015 Band Sound Processor
Hardware Options
ST01276GPIO board
SP01615Analog GPIO board 
ST01792SFN Option 
SP01260-A0Internal surge protector 
10 Years Warranty
EMR510 Year Warranty (1000W and 2000W)
Expert Maintenance Reporting
EMR6Expert Maintenance Reporting
Redundancy solutions : Dual Drive, 1+1, N+1
Dummy loads, adapters, cables
Cavity filters, combiners and antenna systems
Coverage Study
Turnkey solutions for broadcasting site



  • Ecreso, FM transmitter range - Up to 10 Year Warranty



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