ECRESO ­1+1 and Dual Drive
Full Transmitter Redundancy


Ecreso can provide highly reliable Dual Drive and 1+1 systems for complete transmitter redundancy. At the heart of these redundant systems is the ECRESO CONTROL UNIT which can detect any fault and automatically switch to the reserve transmitter or exciter in case of failure of the on-air system. It can also act as the central management unit of your Ecreso FM Transmitter.

The ECRESO CONTROL UNIT can be equipped with GPIOs and TCP/IP communications for web and SNMP based monitoring and control.


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Performance

  • Automatic switching to reserve transmitter
  • Highly reliable hardware
  • Turnkey solutions


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Control

  • TCP/IP, Web, SNMP, GPIOs
  • Intuitive local / remote GUIs
  • Advanced Measurement Interface


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Savings

  • One to one redundancy
  • No costly outages
  • Easy to install & maintain


  • Full Transmitter Redundancy
  • Intelligent control unit enables automatic switching
  • CAN bus connections between control unit & Ecreso units
  • Compatible with RF switches from N to 1 5/8
  • Control unit offers front panel status & control
  • Customized rack integration
  • Turnkey solutions including peripherals
  • Compact and reliable hardware design
  • Easy local and remote maintenance and control

Dual Drive Transmitter Systems include:

  • 2 Ecreso FM 100W (Full Digital Exciters)
  • RF Switch (N) controlled by ECRESO CONTROL UNIT
  • TCP/IP with SNMP and Web Pages

1+1 Transmitter Systems include:

  • 2 Ecreso FM Transmitters 
  • RF Switch controlled by ECRESO CONTROL UNIT
  • TCP/IP with SNMP and Web Pages


Control Unit

Ecreso control Unit 1+1

Connect with WorldCast MANAGER

The WorldCast MANAGER Desktop simplifies the management of all SNMP-enabled devices in a network, providing real-time status and visualization of multiple devices from a single screen. The intuitive and simple-to-use interface shows all devices located at your site(s) displaying product information, alerting you to any alarms and providing one-click access to the unit’s web-based control interface.

Free to download, the WorldCast MANAGER Desktop is compatible with all WorldCast Systems’ equipment as well as SNMP devices from ANY manufacturer.

The WorldCast MANAGER Server adds recorded measurements, detailed logs, alarm management / notifications and more…

Learn more about
WorldCast MANAGER Server
  Learn more about
WorldCast MANAGER Desktop



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