Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions WorldCast Systems

WorldCast Systems offer a series of turnkey solutions, providing you with a fully integrated system with guaranteed interconnectivity. For those lacking the resources or specialized knowledge to specify and source all the necessary equipment, this is an essential service. 

Typically our turnkey packages will be based on a transmitter system and will incorporate a number of additional elements such as audio equipment, antennas, multiplexing systems, power-related equipment, test equipment and all necessary cables, cable trays and accessories. 

We provide our turnkey solutions in fully customizable professional racks, available in different heights with an air cooling system and built-in energy management such as circuit breakers, lightning protection, power consumption meter, multiple power sockets, UPS etc.. 

Professional Services

At WorldCast Systems, we understand the world of broadcast engineering and have developed a range of professional services to aid those broadcasters with limited staff resources, time or knowledge in certain fields.

Whether you require a full service solution that takes care of every aspect or you are simply looking for help in specific areas to complement in-house skills, we can provide the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure your network is on-the air in time and on budget.

Right from the beginning of a project, we can help with initial research and feasibility, conducting coverage studies and advising on issues such as equipment selection, cooling requirements and necessary electrical protection.

With the plan and equipment in place, our dedicated team also offers commissioning and training for all relevant staff.

Even when you are up and running, we continue to provide ongoing support to ensure that your station maintains optimal performance and enjoys maximum uptime.

Professional services WorldCast Systems