The Most Complete FM Test & Measurement Platform


AUDEMAT FM MC5 is the most comprehensive and versatile measurement platform available for FM in the world today.

The system offers both mobile RF coverage measurement and extensive modulation analysis in a single comprehensive system. 
Based on fully digital technology, it offers exceptional test and measurement accuracy.
The Audemat FM MC5 is unique on the market; not only thanks to its unmatched level of versatility and accuracy, but also in terms of its design. Fully portable and lightweight, it radically simplifies on-site commissioning and drive tests. 


Audemat FM MC5 benefits:

AUDEMAT FM MC5 All in one


All-In-One Equipment
Highly versatile and multifunction, this all-in-one solution includes FM drive tests, a signal test generator, modulation analyzer, and measurement commissioning …Practical, this single unit can replace multiple, often bulky equipment.

AUDEMAT FM MC5 High Measurement Accuracy & Reproducibility


High Measurement Accuracy & Reproducibility
Fully digital, the Audemat FM MC5 provides high-accuracy measurement & offers user-customizable 
measurement reports. Its market-leading reproducibility performance enables unmatched levels of precision
thanks to its incredible 100dB noise floor and its completely mathematical signal demodulation.

AUDEMAT FM MC5 Time & Operational Cost Saving

Time-Saving Built-In Tools
Users benefit from built-in tools such as an easy-to-use Graphic User Interface and the automatic generation 
of measurement reports. The Audemat FM MC5 also performs simultaneous measurement and provide a proprietary API for automation sequence measurement.

Engineered for :

Broadcasters & Operators

→ Optimize the service to your listeners 
& customers
→ Reduce costs for metering 
& commissioning

Regulation Authorities

→ Optimize FM occupancy & deliver new frequencies
→ Save time performing FM measurements
→ Control FM signal without access to transmitter site


→ Save time & money to perform Factory Acceptance Tests
→ Reduce the stock of measurement equipment and calibration fees

AUDEMAT FM MC5 Applications



Quality Reception Analysis

GoldenEar is an algorithm providing a mathematical & objective quality rating of the FM signal received during drive test. 
Used by major broadcasters and regulators for decades, this technology complements the drive test feature, simplifying the analysis and reporting.

A Spectrum of Services For Optimal Performance

To ensure you benefit from all the help, support, and information you need to make sure your system continues running at optimal performance and with all the latest upgrades, it is accompanied with a mandatory 3-year service agreement, available in Standard and Premium levels.


Calibration every 3 years
Software upgrade
Priority support
Video training


Free warranty extension
Includes standard services
On-site calibration by certified technician
Loaner during repair & calibration
Individual training


Perform deep audio and FM measurements with the built-in audio, composite and RF generators / analyzers

AUDEMAT FMMC5 Generate audio, MPX and RF signal

Generate audio, MPX and RF signal

 Analyze Quickly and easily the audio and FM signal

 Analyze Quickly and easily the audio and FM signal

Control the on-field signal for multiple frequencies at a single time

AUDEMAT FMMC5 Perform local FM band scan

Perform local FM band scan 

Carry out FM Drive Testing on single or multiple frequencies

Carry out FM Drive Testing on single or multiple frequencies

Simplify the measurements and analysis with automatic measurements and reports

AUDEMAT FMMC5 Schedule complete frequencies analysis

Schedule complete frequencies analysis

Verify in an at-a-glance view the validity of measurements

Verify in an at-a-glance view the validity of measurements

Check the measurements directly from the FM-MC5 touch screen

Modulation measurement

Modulation measurement

RDS AF list

RDS AF list

RF spectrum

RF spectrum

MPX spectrum

MPX spectrum


Scan the FM band
Analyse deeply the FM signal
Ensure compliance with Regulation Authority

On-Site Commissioning
Check audio and FM equipment
Simplify daily measurement with scheduler feature
Generate Measurement reports within minutes

Drive TEST
Create real-world map coverage of your program
Verify the good operation of your broadcast chain
Control the RDS retuning
Measure the FM Reception quality - GoldenEar

Factory TEST
Perform automatic measurements via a dedicated API
Provide Factory Acceptance Test for audio and FM equipment

AUDEMAT FM MC5 Generate & analyse audio and FM signal

Generate & analyse audio and FM signal

AUDEMAT FM MC5 Simplify the measurement with user friendly displays

Simplify the measurement with user friendly displays


user report

User report

We’ve been using the Audemat FM MC5 since the beginning of 2017. Overall, it’s a fantastic system and what really stands out to us are the All-in-One versatility of the instrument, its mobile Drive-by Measurement capability and Automatic Reports functionality. Our jobs of measurement and testing are made a lot easier thanks to these new product-enhancing features...

Danie Liebenberg, Sentech (National public broadcaster in South Africa)

user report

User report

“I was looking for a simplified portable way to accurately verify and record with confidence our technical radio parameters and found it in the Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer.”
Denis Barriault, Dougall Media

user report

User report

“I would definitely recommend the Audemat FM MC5 as a measurement solution for the FM broadcasting environment. One of Sentech’s key strategic pillars is to operate more efficiently. The FM MC5 provides this in more ways than one and in our opinion, its best features are its all-in-one versatility and drive-by test capability which has massively simplified things for us.”

Danie Liebenberg, Team Leader in Operations, SENTECH, South Africa


Current Version: 3.10

See the full specification in the brochure

Order information

AUDEMAT FM MC5 Delivery with flight case

  • 1 External 200 V/12 V power supply
    1 Cigarette lighter cable (AUDEMAT FM MC5)
    1 Ethernet cable 
    1 Male/male BNC cable (“N”) + 1 N/BNC adapter
    1 Antenna (AUDEMAT FM MC5)
    1 External GPS (AUDEMAT FM MC5)
    1 Folder including a CD-Rom, a quick start guide 
    and a measurement synthesis report 
AUDEMAT FMMC5 Flycase Transportable



  • New Goldenear reader for AUDEMAT FM-MC5.

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