ScriptEasy ­
Powerful & Intelligent Remote Facility Control


With ScriptEasy, you can create a truly powerful, intelligent control system that can connect to many different devices in many different ways, at many different sites, and give you all the information you need to make sure your network is 100% operational, 24/7/365.

It‘s a hugely powerful graphical application that can be used to configure IO‘s, write scripts and program specific actions to ensure you are always in control!

ScriptEasy (including MasterView) is supplied as standard on all Audemat Monitoring & Control products, the HQSound Processor and several APT IP codecs. 


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Performance

  • Provides remote monitoring and control from virtually anywhere
  • Connect to many devices on site via IP, SNMP, GPIOs, Serial, MODbus and more…
  • Combines multiple functions to enable full customization
  • Enables automatic actions to be triggered on defined events, statuses or combination of these


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Control

  • Graphical script and view(s) creation with simple drag and drop method
  • MasterView application enables creation of customized views for easy understanding
  • Advanced features: Tunneling, ping, SNMP commands, (SET, GET, GETBULK), SNMP trap reception


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Savings

  • 24/7 vigilance and action to protect your investment
  • No need to be off-air with early notification and remote correction of faults
  • Data collection for trend & budget analysis
  • WorldCast Systems’ support for scripting and installation


Audemat ScriptEasy ScriptExemple


  • Graphical script creation with drag and drop method
  • Combine logic doors, mathematical functions, timers, schedulers, pulses, counters, cycles, ping, push and press buttons,  …
  • Drawing tools and comments to help organize the script
  • Remote control or automatic actions triggered by relevant information such as events or a combination of statuses
  • Advanced functions: Tunneling, ping SNMP commands (SET, GET, GETBULK), SNMP trap reception
  • Drivers for dialogs with 3rd party devices via serial connection
  • Script operations can be simulated locally, modified, saved and restored or copied from one unit to another.


  • View creation and customization using a standard web browser
  • Provides remote monitoring and control from virtually anywhere
  • Each view can contain as much information as desired
  • Pictures, text and other graphics can be added to the views
  • Drawing tools to help create friendly, customized view(s)
  • Different views possible to group information or to provide a specific status
  • Available as a web application    


    Audemat ScriptEasy Masterview Customized
    Audemat ScriptEasy Masterview Measurement analysis

    And More

    • HTTP or HTTPS secured access for views and commands
    • User levels allowing access rights in admin or guest mode
    • Management of information refresh rate
    • Logs: one month for measurements and last 30,000 events
    • WorldCast Systems' support for scripting and installation


    ScriptEasy Software Solution
    user report

    User report

    «As a “smart” approach to facility management, an AUDEMAT remote control unit with ScriptEasy does not just process contact closures. It performs processes; and you can program it to think just like an engineer.»
    Jeff Rosenberg, President & Chief Engineer, Modulation Magic, USA 


    Current Version: 2.8.3

    ScriptEasy & Masterview are supplied as standard with the following products:



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    How to

    • How to configure a site with ScriptEasy

    • How to create a script with ScriptEasy

    • How to design your views with ScriptEasy

    • How to use shortcuts and scheduler with ScriptEasy



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