5 Band ­Sound Processor


The Ecreso FM Transmitter range features an integrated multi-band sound processor!

This fully digital sound processor offers the highest signal quality and outstanding reliability as no additional hardware is required*.

You can choose from a wide-band or a multi-band version to achieve the level of  processing required at your site and the processor is supplied with a full set of presets for many different formats and requirements. 


  • Hosted in direct to frequency Digital Modulator
  • Highest quality processing from audio input to RF output
  • Powerful DSP-based processing
  • Complete 5-band architecture
  • Factory presets for all formats
  • Easy to fine tune through intuitive GUI
  • Real-time meters at each stage
  • No additional hardware: maximum reliability, no maintenance.
Worldcast Systems 5 band Sound processor interface
Sound Processor interface

Processing stages

Audio Processor on Ecreso Transmitter. Processing stages

Automatic Gain Control
The first stage of the processor is an automatic gain control which regulates the perceived volume level of the station output across all audio sources and formats. It uses predictive algorithms and protects against unwelcome increases in noise.

Equalization, Bass and Treble Enhancers
The AGC is followed by enhancers which embellish both the low and high frequencies. Combined with 3 parametric equalizers, they enable the creation of a distinct sonic signature. 

Stereo Enhancer and Limiter
A stereo enhancer can be used to improve the stereo image of your station when using non-mono content. It also includes a stereo limiter to improve the quality of your station in areas with problematic coverage.  

5 Band Processor
The 5 Band Processor dynamically adjusts the gain of each audio band. Depending on the selected preset, it can work as a slow and purist multi-band leveler, or as a fuller processor to create a strong sonic signature. The fidelity parameter enables you to fine tune the bands according to your preference; from a purist sound to a more colored texture. 

5 band Limiters
5 limiters have been designed to facilitate the work of the final clipper. For soft formats, the limiters provide smooth protection for your final audio and for commercial stations, they can be used to create extra loudness. 

Final Limiters
This section uses several limiters including HF and final low distortion limiters. In addition, and independently of any preset, the ECRESO FM Transmitter can be configured with an MPX Power Limiter and a deviation Hard Clipper for transmitter protection. 

* Check your version for compatibility

user report

User report

“Imagine if we could offer our listeners a sophisticated listening experience which delivered quality, space, transparency and avoided listener fatigue. Imagine if we could offer a sound that was simply a joy to listen to.”


user report

User report

“We recently installed a new Ecreso transmitter and instantly heard a huge difference in the sound of the station. The team at WorldCast even customized some new presets for us and were extremely hands-on in making us sound perfect. I was really impressed with how much the team at WorldCast cared and followed up to make sure that the new transmitter is sounding exactly how we want it to sound. I would give not only the new transmitter an A+++, but also everyone we worked with to get it on the air”
John Paul, General Manager and Program Director of The Wave