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The new Ecreso Switch Controller (ESC) is a single, centralized unit to control and monitor RF switches at transmitter sites for analogue or digital Radio or TV. Reliable, robust, and easy-to-use, it facilitates and secures maintenance and antenna switching operations while maintaining high uptime and staff safety. 

Highly configurable depending on the number of transmitters, antennas, patches or switches installed on-site, it also provides constant system control and monitoring, locally and remotely.  


In a complex, high-risk environment for technical staff, there is a need for a system to facilitate & secure maintenance and antenna switching operations

Ecreso Switch controller

Product Benefits

  • Single, centralized unit to automatically control up to 5 RF switches as commanded by user
  • Continuous system control and view, locally and remotely
  • Secures operations in high RF fields
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • Provides constant monitoring and testing for fault and lock conditions
  • Configurable presets
Ecreso Switch Controller interface

Technical Functions

Full Control & Monitoring

  • Controls and monitors up to 5 antenna switches
  • Secures local and remote control available based on user access-level through Web pages, SNMP, GPIO, or the front panel of the unit.
  • Dynamic synoptic on Web pages and front panel to provide a quick status of the RF

Reliable & Secure

  • Highly reliable FPGA logic for switch changes, including failsafe tests and conditions
  • Secured OVER RIDE function to force a local operation by bypassing the CPU system
  • Redundant power supplies

Highly Configurable

  • Flexible and easy configuration protected by PIN code for installation or maintenance uses
  • Huge number of GPIOs allowing to integrate field parameters in the operation chain (TX interlock, antenna lockout, RF probe values...)
  • Compliant with Spinner, Dielectric, and other switches

Success Story

In the context of the TV repack operation in the United States, two WorldCast Group companies, WorldCast Systems and CONNECT, have been selected to develop and supply an Antenna Switch Controller System along with a unified monitoring platform for the RF operations (DTV and FM) of Sutro Tower. Overlooking San Francisco from its 977-foot-high steel tower, Sutro Tower is a major broadcast site delivering clear signals for television and radio stations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Sutro Tower, San Francisco, CA.

Sutro Tower

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