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SmartFM Energy savings technology for Broadcast Radio


A New Paradigm In Energy Savings

SmartFM is a sophisticated, worldwide patented algorithm, or AI, which enables broadcasters
to reduce their energy costs by up to 40% without any compromise on the audio quality and coverage.


Energy savings is increasingly a top priority across industries and has always been one of our core missions. We have seen huge advancements in transmitter design and performance take place over the past few decades. However of this progress was achieved thanks to LDMOS technology which has now reached its maximum potential for improving transmitter efficiency. 

That is why our teams launched on a 3 year mission of intensive R&D and field testing to develop a new, industry-leading innovation that transforms how we broadcast radio. The result - SmartFM, a disruptive innovation built upon 60+ years of experience in RF, signal processing and field measurement. 

Available on the latest generation of WorldCast Systems’ FM transmitters. You can benefit from it whether you're a new ECRESO user or whether you are already broadcasting with  one of the thousands already deployed worldwide. 

With the purchase of an Ecreso FM transmitter, you benefit from a free 3-month trial of SmartFM. Activate your free trial!


SmartFM Benefits

Lowers Energy Costs
By Up To 40%

SmartFM Energy savings


SmartFM's optimized power consumption results in reduced electricity, reduced cooling, maintenance, and a longer transmitter lifespan.


Reduces CO

Impactful. Sustainable.
FM Broadcasting.

By driving down energy consumption, broadcasters also 
contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

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Empowering FM Broadcasters With
Award-Winning Innovation

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What is SmartFM & How Does it Work?


How Much Can You Reduce Your OPEX?

Ecreso FM 10kW Scenario

With a network of 10 Ecreso FM 10kW transmitters, broadcasters can benefit from up to 1 300 000 Euros in net savings within 10 years. SmartFM’s optimized power consumption cascades into multiple benefits such as reduced cooling, reduced electricity, reduced maintenance, and a longer transmitter lifespan. Instead of paying high energy bills, broadcasters can now invest that saved sum into more valuable business assets.


But energy savings is more than a matter of cost! It also has an important impact on the environment and CO2 emissions. In this same scenario, SmartFM empowers broadcasters to offset their carbon footprint by 40%.  

Schema ecreso fm savings

Calculation based on a network of 10 FM transmitters over a 10-year period. Comparison with “Old TX” at 55% efficiency, “Ecreso FM” with up to 76% overall efficiency, and “Ecreso FM” with up to 76% efficiency and SmartFM


Estimate Your Savings
With SmartFM

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