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Software APT IP Decoder for Ecreso AiO FM transmitters


For FM broadcasters looking for advanced studio-to-transmitter links (STL), it is now possible for them to benefit from an APT IP Decoder directly embedded into the new AiO series of our Ecreso FM transmitters. 

The feature-packed, built-in decoder supports standard professional algorithms such as Eapt-X and OPUS for audio compression, as well as the new and innovative APTmpX for high quality MPX compression. Paired with the unrivalled SureStream technology, broadcasters benefits from a seamless and indestructible link with the highest audio quality and fidelity on the market! 


Key Features

  • No additional single point of failure in the chain, the APT IP Decoder is hosted by the Ecreso AiO series platform.
  • Dual AoIP paths over two separate ethernet ports
  • Multiformat encoding for audio and MPX programs distribution
  • “Always-on Redundancy” with SureStream
  • Built-in audio backup sources (physical audio and MPX inputs and file on µSD card)
  • Support for unicast and multicast network infrastructures 
  • Easy configuration via responsive web and automatic audio algorithm detection and decoding
  • N/ACIP Compatible 
Ecreso FM 1kW - AiO Series
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Rely on an resilient Audio and MPX over IP link with SureStream 

Imagine the peace of mind! With SureStream you receive the audio streams simultaneously over different Telcos and it automatically generates a seamless and perfect reconstructed link. 


Studio to transmitter link

Embedded into the AiO series FM broadcast transmitters, the APT IP Decoder is a cost-effective endpoint for studio-to-transmitter links. Deployed during the initial transmitter installation or later by transmitter software upgrade, the APT IP Decoder is the perfect fit for new and already existing Audio over IP infrastructures.

studio to transmitter link schema


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