Home Broadcast Package

APT Home Broadcast Package


Your talent needs a practical, support-free, low delay, ultra reliable way to broadcast from their home studio?


APT Home Studio

  • 1 x APT IP Codec
  • 1 x SureStream License
  • 2 x 3/4G Netgear Modems
  • Customer provides small mixer and headphone(s) and mic(s)

APT Radio Station Studio

  • 1 x APT IP Codec
  • 1 x SureStream License

In addition to this package, all your talent or host needs is any SIM (3/4G) or home network (DSL, Cable Modem, Fiber, etc.) to broadcast LIVE back to the radio station.


Technical Features

  • Lowest latency on the market to enable isolated hosts to broadcast together from different locations and/or engage with callers routed through the studio
  • Enhanced apt-X algorithm included - concatenation resistant, important at the beginning of the broadcast chain
  • Super robust from any location, dual 4G, 4G + DSL etc.
  • Boot and connect or zero config setup for the talent / end user
  • SIM freedom, works on any SIM from any network!
  • Utilizing dual 4G links means you can leave your busy and unreliable home network free for the rest of the family or as a dedicated uplink to send files / voice tracking back to the studio!
  • GPIO sending for fader start / control or insert control
  • Free engineering support from WCS including initial system configuration before dispatch to the talent

Remote Broadcast Solution

APT Mobile SureStreamer
Game-Changer For Remotes & OBs


Low latency remote broadcast solution for high quality audio & video streaming

With the APT Mobile SureStreamer, experience a new standard of high-quality remote broadcasting thanks to industry-leading reliability, connectivity, and low latency.

Thanks to this award-winning mobile network acces point, you can say goodbye to jitter, drop-outs, delays...unleashing the power of your live remotes!

The APT Mobile SureStreamer is the perfect solution for various remote broadcast applications such as at-home remotes, sports casting, OBs vans, and desktop remotes.




Ultra-low latency & zero drop-outs

Ease of use. Plug & Play

Compatibility with most portable codecs

Low operating costs