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APTmpX - High-quality signal compression



APTmpX is the world’s first non-perceptual MPX/composite algorithm to save network bandwidth while maintaining high audio transparency.

APTmpX offers the perfect balance between maintaining high quality and cost-effective transmission. With less than 300, 400, 600 or 900kbps bandwidth requirement, narrowband IP connections, and in conjunction with APT's SureStream technology, the Internet can be used with confidence. APTmpX offers full compatilbility with digital and analog MPX.

With this new technology, FM broadcasters now have access to high-quality signal compression for MPX/Composite transmission.

APTmpX is included as a standard format in the MPX license cost and is available in all MPX/composite compatible APT IP codecs.


Helping broadcast experts by saving bandwidth

Broadcast Production Awards
NAB Product of the year
RedTech awards 2022
Best of 2021 winner

What Our Expert Says

"With APTmpX, we provide a unique, non-perceptual compression solution for FM MPX/Composite transmission. APTmpX not only enhances our portfolio for MPX solutions, but also marks a milestone in the transition to an MPX/composite environment. We are committed to high quality, low latency, and minimal complexity and this solution meets our brand’s quality standards. In the end, the user benefits from significantly lower hardware and distribution costs while maintaining the station sound."

Hartmut Foerster APT Product Manager

Hartmut Foerster
APT Product Manager


High-Quality Signal Compression

APTmpX bitrates

The uncompromising compression algorithm for highest fidelity MPX transmissions

Hear for yourself the superior audio quality of APTmpX by comparing the different compression formats


Our experts' insights


Why APTmpX is the best compression algorithm?

How APTmpX was created, and what were the challenges you faced?

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APTmpX Benefits


Save Network Bandwidth

APTmpX is the world's first bitrate reduction algorithm to save network bandwidth for the transmission of consistent MPX/composite signals. APTmpX allows you to transmit the final MPX/composite signal at 300, 400, 600 or 900 Kbps or less, including over narrowband DSL connections.


Hardware Savings and Sonic Signature

By transmitting a centrally generated MPX/composite signal, the majority of MPX composite equipment at all transmitter sites is eliminated. APTmpX combines high signal fidelity with the best latency performance and makes it easier than ever to guarantee your sonic signature consistently across the entire transmitter network.


Protects Sophisticated Sound Processing

APTmpX is non destructive regarding the original MPX/composite.
Instead, APTmpX maintains the rich sound of your expensive MPX/composite integrator.


Processes Analog & Digital MPX Signals

As an integral part of the APT codecs, APTmpX processes and transmits all existing signal types. Be it analog or digital audio, or a combination of both, as well as GPIO signals and serial AUX data for the embedded transmission of switch commands or RBDS/RDS information.


Enables 100% Digital Transmission Chain
With The Lowest Complexity

The end-to-end digital signal chain from the studio up to the analog RF carrier of the transmitter is the culmination of all quality claims for analog FM broadcasting. APTmpX, with its low complexity, low latency, and easy integration, is the ultimate solution to bridge the transition from your digital studio to your digital transmitter.

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