Expert Maintenance Reporting ­
The Proactive Approach to Transmitter Maintenance


EMR is a proactive service available on ECRESO FM Transmitters. It sends the user regular reports on the status of key parameters such as temperatures, currents and voltages, plus information on the performance and lifespan of components such as the fan and power supply of the transmitter.

With detailed logging and trend analysis, Expert Maintenance Reporting can identify slow-burning problems and issue warnings well in advance to allow for corrective action to be taken.  A map-based display of current statuses and detailed, user-friendly reports and graphs can be accessed around the clock in the EMR user page.

With proactivity as a key focus, EMR users will receive automatic reports to inform them about potential issues even before they happen!


  • Regular automatic Performance Reports to enable proactive maintenance
  • Detailed logging and trend analysis to identify slow-burning problems
  • 24/7/365 access to reports, graphs and alerts
  • EMR cloud centralizes & processes data and issues automatic notifications
  • Data Cloud managed & secured by dedicated IT experts
  • Secure operation using firewall-friendly web protocol
  • Operates via regular Internet connection (aDSL, 3G etc.) even with limited bandwith


Every customer who purchases a compact FM Transmitter receives the EMR service free of charge for 6 months! (Internet connection required).

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Expert Maintenance Reporting delivers an additional layer of protection and reliability to those working in mission-critical FM transmission.

The need for proactivity is paramount but engineers often don’t have the time to conduct regular checks and audits of their system. The EMR service is ideal because it supplies you with all the information you need to plan for maintenance and optimization in a regular report without occupying any of your time.

Expert Maintenance Reporting
user report

User report

«With a single click and from anywhere I can find all the information I need regarding my FM transmitters.
The history log of parameters is very useful for the diagnosis of any issue and for the anticipation of incidents.»

Inigo Adarraga, Manager of the Broadcast Division, ITELAZPI, Spain



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