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Ecreso Expert Maintenance Reporting


The Expert Maintenance Reporting (EMR) is the "proactive" tool so broadcasters can identify issues before they happen. 

Thanks to EMR, users receive regular reports on the status of key parameters such as temperatures, currents and voltages, plus information on the performance and lifespan of components such as the fan and power supply of the transmitter. 

With detailed logging and trend analysis, EMR can identify slow-burning problems and issue warnings well in advance to allow for corrective action to be taken. A map-based display of current statuses and detailed, user-friendly reports and graphs can be accessed around the clock in the EMR user page. 

This software can be activated on all Ecreso FM transmitters. 


Software Features

  • Regular automatic Performance Reports to enable proactive maintenance
  • Detailed logging and trend analysis to identify slow-burning problems
  • 24/7/365 access to reports, graphs and alerts
  • EMR cloud centralizes & processes data and issues automatic notifications
  • Data Cloud managed & secured by dedicated IT experts
  • Secure operation using firewall-friendly web protocol
  • Operates via regular Internet connection (aDSL, 3G etc.) even with limited bandwith

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