The APT IP ENCODER Silver and IP DECODER Silver combine to enable affordable yet professional delivery of audio content over IP networks. Low on cost but rich in features, these units are perfect for standard broadcast applications such as STLs.  

Despite being one of the lowest cost solutions in the market,  they feature the renowned aptX Enhanced coding as well as linear audio as standard. The APT IP Silver devices also support SureStream for increased reliability. 


Current Version: 3.0.1


Product Benefits

Powerful Performance

  • Reliable and robust encoding/decoding of audio over IP networks
  • Standard algorithms include professional aptX Enhanced & linear audio plus MPEG 2/4 HE-AAC v1/2 coding
  • AUX data transmission, bi-directional on Encoder and Decoder
  • Auto-Detection of received audio format (Decoder)
  • Robust DSP-based platform for mission-critical operation

Powerful Control

  • Intuitive web-based browser control
  • Supports Dynamic DNS for global accessibility by hostname rather than IP address
  • Supports UPnP IGD protocol for configuration of UPnP enabled Internet gateways
  • Distributed Intelligence powered by ScriptEasy
  • Supports SNMP monitoring

Powerful Savings

  • Extremely affordable with no compromise to quality
  • Features APT’s revolutionary SureStream technology for seamless, broadcast-grade audio over public IP links
  • UDP stream forwarding of audio and non-audio data, bidirectional on Encoder and Decoder
  • Support of virtual IP interfaces for easy multi-network integration

What People Are Saying

«The IP Silvers enable our customers to utilize datalinks that are very low cost and very high quality and, for an initial outlay that is nearly half that of the previous solution.»

- Marius Marin, Owner and CEO -
Laet Exim, Romania

«The ‘Silver’ codec units offer a cost-effective, point-to-point audio-over-IP solution that gives reliable performance over routes with potential packet-loss. The WorldCast SureStream® technology, which compensates for glitchy IP paths, is supplied as standard with the ‘Silver’ series of codecs.»
- Philip Bond, Systems Design and Support  -
Baudion, UK


Recent Success Story

On-Air in the UK:
IP Silver and Ecreso transmitter selected by
Purbeck Coast for STL and transmission