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Final Surprise for your Ecreso FM Transmitter (and its a big one!)

  Aug 2, 2017

Ecreso FM Transmitters are the most feature-packed Transmitters around …
and, with the latest update you can also have access to the latest new feature:  
an AMAZING new 5 band Sound Processor!

Bientôt disponible sur les émetteurs Ecreso FM...

The new update provides all users with a wideband Sound Processor at no additional cost 
and the option to upgrade to the full Multiband version should you wish.

You can even trial the 5 Band version completely free for 30 days to explore the full functionality!



This new feature allows scheduling configuration changes on your transmitter. You can for example schedule automatic RF power changes at specific times. Any transmitter parameter can now be scheduled from the intuitive Web interface.

Wideband Sound Processor

This software processor is hosted within the digital exciter so no additional hardware (ie no point of failure!) is introduced. It includes a predictive AGC, HF and Final Limiters, MPX Power Limiter and allows easy configuration with customizable presets.


5-Band Sound Processor

The new 5-band option brings several powerful algorithms to your sound processor: Stereo Enhancer and Stereo Limiter, Equalizers, Bass and Treble Enhancers, 5-band Processing, 5-Band Limiters and several additional customizable presets.

To get your new software update, please complete this short form.