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IBC Exhibitor Viewpoint: Christophe Poulain, WorldCast Systems

  Aug 26, 2019

“I expect virtualization and even more IP-centric solutions will be in the spotlight at IBC2019” 

IBC2019 is almost here. Between now and then Radio World will conduct several short Q&As with manufacturers about their plans and offerings, to help you get the most out of the big annual trade show. Christophe Poulain is co-president at WorldCast Systems.

WorldCast Systems Christophe PoulainRadio World: How has business been for the company since IBC2018?

Christophe Poulain: 2018 has been a successful year and the best ever year for our Ecreso FM transmitter line with many new projects and tenders worldwide. Our main achievement was with network operator, UpLink Network in Germany for the supply of around 800 FM transmitters, including high power. Germany has the reputation of being a very demanding market when it comes to performance, quality, and reliability. We are obviously very proud.

Radio World: What are you hearing from your customers about their business outlook this year? In what areas should we expect growth or the most interesting projects?

Poulain: Our clients still aim to deliver the best audio quality to their listeners but with less resources and budget. Therefore, our focus is to develop high quality and innovative products easy to use and operate, which can help lowering operating expenses.

Radio World: You’ve been active in the broadcast market for over 60 years. What’s the biggest problem or challenge facing users in this segment right now?

Poulain: I would say the competition of non-linear media and advertising revenue. Our company offers some solutions to help radio stations stay live and local while providing the best user experience for their listeners. This is the case with our APT Mobile SureStreamer, a mobile network access point bringing zero packet loss and very low latency for outside broadcast. One of our main focuses is also the reduction of operating expenses. Our new Smart FM technology aims to address this topic by significantly lowering power consumption of Ecreso FM transmitters.

Radio World: What new goodies will your company be showing? Why should attendees visit your booth?

Poulain: At our stand 8.C58, visitors will discover a range of advanced and innovative radio and TV broadcast solutions and will benefit from our team’s expertise across the entire broadcast chain.

We have been on the market for decades delivering codecs, FM transmission, RDS encoding, QoS/QoE measurement, monitoring and telemetry solutions. At IBC2019, our highlights include SmartFM, the only worldwide patented AI for FM radio, the Ecreso FM 3 kW transmitter delivering the best total cost of ownership through 76% efficiency and a host of onboard functions, the APT Mobile SureStreamer, a mobile network access solution for high quality remote broadcasting, the Audemat RDS Encoder with its MPX/Composite over AES capability and RDS2-readiness, and the new Audemat DAB Probe. 

Radio World: What do you anticipate will be the most significant technology trend at IBC2019?

Poulain: Virtualization, more and more IP centric solutions. More software and less hardware…nothing really new per say.

Radio World: How do your international sales and marketing efforts differ from your U.S. efforts?

Poulain: We opened our United States subsidiary in 1999. It’s been 20 years already! And it is true we have a dedicated and great team focusing on the U.S. That’s probably the main difference with other areas. So far, they are being taken care of from France and our headquarters. However, we are planning to open an office in Taiwan this year to be closer to our clients in Asia. Otherwise, same recipe, lots of visits and tours to help our local distributors and meet with prospects.

Radio World: You’re a show veteran, how has the show changed since your first visit?

Poulain: Not sure if the show has really changed. It’s still pretty busy with lots of visitors, excitement about new products, a good atmosphere, and usually wet weather.

Radio World: What’s your favorite thing about this show?

Poulain: Cycling in the morning and in the evening and meeting with our distributors, partners and clients. Being busy!