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WorldCast Systems announces the availability of a new generation of RDS encoders with the Audemat RDS Encoder

  Jan 15, 2019

Bordeaux, France, January 15, 2019 for immediate release

WorldCast Systems is a global leader in broadcast solutions and pioneer of RDS Encoding. After supplying radio stations and broadcasters with the Audemat FMB80 RDS encoder for over 25 years, WorldCast Systems now launches a new generation of RDS encoders with its Audemat RDS Encoder. In line with the company’s standards of system versatility, ease of use, and spectral purity, Audemat RDS Encoder is a new, more advanced version of the FMB80.

Audemat RDS Encoder

One of the major advantages of Audemat RDS Encoder is that it offers MPX/Composite over AES capabilities. This is the market’s first RDS encoder enabling the addition of RDS information directly into a full digital chain, ensuring not only optimal spectral purity and quality but also enabling broadcasters to pass easily to a fully digital environment.

Exclusive to the Audemat RDS Encoder, customers benefit from a Built-In FM Tuner for on-air monitoring of RDS information. With the Built-In FM Tuner, radios and broadcasters can now monitor basic RDS information using a single product unit.

Advanced communications along with full control over the Audemat RDS Encoder is possible thanks to its intuitive and responsive web interface allowing hands-on configuration, and the SNMP management which provides users with real-time monitoring and management of Audemat RDS Encoder’s operations.  Users can also control their encoder through TCP/IP and easy plug-in into any local Ethernet network. It is also equipped with ScriptEasy, a graphical application which can be used to configure IO‘s and program specific actions remotely to ensure the total control and monitoring of the Audemat RDS Encoder and it’s environment.

Audemat RDS Encoder is the first encoder on the market fully compatible with the latest RDS Edition 2018 standards (IEC- 62106-1 :2018 to IEC 62106-6:2018). It is also future-ready for RDS2 standards which are expected to come into effect shortly. RDS2 will allow broadcasters to send more information (such as pictures) through the FM signal by adding 3 subcarriers to the MPX/Composite signal.

Audemat RDS Encoder has already been tested and validated by major broadcasters in the US and Europe and will be available for shipping in February. The product will be showcasing at Salon de la Radio and the NAB Show.

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