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AUDEMAT DAB Probe, New Version Available with Advanced Measurement and Content Decoding Features

  Jan 14, 2020

Press Release

Bordeaux, France. January 2020(for immediate release) -

WorldCast Systems, a leading supplier of advanced broadcast solutions for customers across the globe, announces a new version of its AUDEMAT DAB Probe. Introduced to the market in 2019, AUDEMAT DAB Probe, the company’s unique product for monitoring DAB, DAB+ and DMB radio applications, has already met with success in DAB markets across Europe and Australia.

How it works

Designed to monior DAB signal quality and service continuity, at the transmitter site or in a coverage area, the AUDEMAT DAB Probe enables remote monitoring of a set list of channels and allows users to verify the conformity of their DAB network with both legislation and their broadcasting needs. Installed in SFN or MFN networks (Single or Multiple Frequency Networks), the AUDEMAT DAB Probe is feature-packed with a user-friendly web interface, alarm notification by email or SNMP traps, and is equipped with telemetry board (via ScriptEasy) and audio output connectors. The advanced software tools provide in depth signal and content analysis with impulse response representation, TII, audio or ETI recording, and more. Also designed for optimal monitoring of the user experience (QoE), AUDEMAT DAB Probe includes visual slide-shows and a Dynamic Label and Services (DLS) display to enable users to hear and see in real-time the same content as their listeners.

What’s new

“Thanks to the worldwide deployment of the AUDEMAT DAB Probe last year, we have been able to validate its high reliability and decoding performance under real" field" conditions. With this new version, we are strengthening the capacity to analyze received signals while providing users with an easy-to-use solution.” explains Philippe Missoud, Product Manager at WorldCast Systems.

The new product version (2.2.2), includes the following main improvements:

  • - Option to activate a second DAB receiver allowing reception of a second signal source and for a remote user to take measurements or listen to one programme without disrupting the monitoring
  • - Availability of additional measurements, useful for evaluating signal and content quality: MER by carrier, Link Margin, shoulders, Reed Solomon errors, MSC errors per service
  • - Recording of the drifts of the transmitter’s impulse response peak in SFN area
  • - Possibility to associate a transmitter name with a detected TII code
  • -Customized monitoring of the audio of each service

With the growing presence of DAB radio, this product meets the needs of broadcasters for a highly reliable, accurate, and feature-packed solution at a competitive cost. The newest version of the AUDEMAT DAB Probe, enhanced with these new features, is now available for delivery.

Audemat DAB Probe

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