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Audemat FM MC5 releases 3.10 version Full ITU compliancy and improved UX


Audemat FM MC5 is WorldCast Systems’ FM test and measurement solution, used worldwide by leading broadcasters, network operators, and regulation authorities. Highly complete, the system offers both mobile RF coverage measurement and extensive modulation analysis in a single comprehensive system, and thanks to its fully digital technology, it offers exceptional accuracy. Showcasing at NAB, the new 3.10 version is the only test and measurement equipment available today in compliance with ITU-R SM.1268-5, published in August 2019. 

This evolution of the recommendation redefines the criteria for validating FM deviation measurements. For an MPX trip measurement to be valid, 4 criteria are now taken into account, compared to 2 in the past. The 3.10 version integrates new measurements as defined by the ITU, such as condition verification before measurements. In addition to ITU compliancy, the latest software updates aim to improve the user experience. These updates include fixed point measurements and a simpler, more complete interface for radio technicians and engineers, as well as a simplification of the analysis of mobile measurement campaigns.