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WorldCast enhances its QoS monitoring portfolio with the Audemat FM Probe


Bordeaux, France. July 2022 - WorldCast Systems, a leading global supplier of radio broadcast solutions, strengthens its QoS monitoring portfolio with the Audemat FM Probe. This highly complete solution enables accurate monitoring, measurement, and analysis of the FM signal. Broadcasters and regulation authorities can perform remote monitoring of a set list of channels as well as verify the conformity of their FM network with both legislation and their broadcasting needs. 

The Audemat FM Probe comes in a compact 1U frame and with a sturdy list of features and advanced software tools. To begin with, the Audemat FM Probe offers the unique capability of monitoring up to 8 programs continuously and 50 programs sequentially. Other functions include deep signal analysis, including spectrums (RF, MPX, audio), full RDS decoding, alarm notification by email, SNMP traps and Syslog, telemetry board, as well as recording and scan monitoring

For the first time in a Audemat monitoring product for FM, the Audemat FM Probe embeds the Kantar watermarking technology to decode and monitor the INK code of any station; thereby allowing to monitor if the watermark for audience measure is well broadcasted at the correct time.
With the audio recording and streaming feature, radio broadcasters have the capacity to hear, in real-time, the sound rendering of their program.

For even more control over the quality of their FM broadcast, the product is compatible with SNMP Network Management Systems such as Kybio, and is enhanced with ScriptEasy technology. This FM + ScriptEasy two-in-one solution enables advanced telemetry, facility management, and web page customization for simple aggregation and display of relevant data. 

The Audemat FM Probe will be showcased at IBC, September 9th-12th at booth 8.C58.

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Press Contact: Chantal Fourgeaud, Director of Marketing Communications


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