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WorldCast Systems launches virtualized APT solutions for Audio and MPX over IP


Bordeaux, France. July 2022 - WorldCast Systems, a leading global supplier of radio broadcast solutions, announces a major evolution for its APT range. In line with the market’s transition to offer both hardware and virtualized solutions, the APT IP Codec is now available as a software solution – the Virtual APT IP Codec

With this launch, WorldCast takes a field-proven hardware solution for audio/MPXoIP program transport, with thousands of users worldwide, and delivers it as flexible and scalable software. The Virtual APT IP Codec has been designed with the highest level of reliability for 24/7 operation and is fully compliant with a High Availability (HA) architecture. This shift to virtualization is also strategic in reducing the amount of equipment to purchase, thereby offering important upfront and operational cost savings.

Using AES67, the Virtual APT IP Codec can be integrated into virtualized studios and, as a server-based solution, removes the need for hardware. Broadcasters can easily centralize and transport a large volume of program signals, and have the flexibility to re-adjust their network size as needed. It also allows high-density encoding/decoding from a single server, without compromise on APT quality standards.

Fully compatible with its hardware sibling, the Virtual APT IP Codec supports APT technologies such as APTmpX, the award-winning algorithm for highest quality MPX compression, and SureStream, an established technology for robust, low cost, and low latency transport over IP. It can also be combined with Kybio for end to end monitoring, control, and automation.

Over 20 000 APT codecs are deployed worldwide and the range is continuously enhanced to meet the needs of modern broadcasters. This launch faithfully reflects the high APT-standards for reliability, latency, scalability, and feature-density; all at a competitive cost.” Said Hartmut Foerster, APT Product Manager at WorldCast Systems.

The virtualization of APT codecs is a great opportunity for radios to simplify and improve their program delivery while reducing their costs. Combined with existing and upcoming WorldCast solutions, broadcasters will easily migrate from hardware to optimized all-IP and more software based broadcasting chains.” said Greg Mercier, Director of Product Marketing at WorldCast Systems.

The solution will be showcasing at IBC, September 9th-12th at booth 8.C58. 

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Press Contact: Chantal Fourgeaud, Director of Marketing Communications


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