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WorldCast Extends Award-Winning Ecreso AiO Portfolio with Launch of New Low-Power Transmitters at 2023 NAB Show Centennial


Bordeaux, France - March 2023 - WorldCast Systems, a leading global supplier of radio broadcast solutions, has today announced the extension of its new Ecreso AiO Series portfolio to include the Ecreso FM 100W and Ecreso FM 300W transmitters. The launch of these new low-power transmitters will take place at the 2023 NAB Show and follows the successful 2022 release of the award-winning Ecreso FM 1kW.

Named ‘Best in Show’ by RedTech at the IBC2022 Show for its Ecreso FM 1kW product, the expanded AiO series is designed to meet the needs of modern broadcasters who must align rising costs while adapting to increasingly complex infrastructures with non-extensible resources. The new 100W and 300W AiO series are compact 2U FM transmitters that enable radio stations to achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership while delivering the highest audio quality.

Built using a software-oriented design, Ecreso enables seamless performance while limiting costs associated with peripheral equipment such as sound processors or decoders. This innovative approach overcomes the limitations of legacy technologies, where the virtualization of FM transmitters and antennas is not possible. Instead, AiO Series products enable users to replace outdated hardware at transmission sites via software integration of Audemat RDS Encoder, multiband processing and APT IP Decoder.

Ecreso FM 100W - AiO Series

Innovative features minimize operating costs

The Ecreso solutions offer a range of innovative features, including a new RF planar design, state-of-the-art hot swappable power supply and fan. These not only ensure the transmitters are highly robust and easy to maintain, but help deliver lower operating costs. For remote configuration and monitoring, the Ecreso solutions also offer a user-friendly web and mobile GUI, SNMP support. Natively supported by Kybio, the Network monitoring solution from WorldCast, all AiO series transmitters comes with a 1-year subscription to the SaaS offer.

“The extension of our Ecreso AiO portfolio with the introduction of these new transmitters is a game changer for broadcasters facing rising costs and the need to adapt to increasingly complex infrastructures,” commented David Houze, Ecreso Product Manager at WorldCast Systems. “These low-power options will provide our customers with cost-effective solutions while maintaining high quality transmission. With the launch of these new products at the 2023 NAB Show, we are proud to support broadcasters in their effort to navigate the challenges of a constantly evolving industry.”

The Ecreso FM 100W and Ecreso FM 300W transmitters will be showcasing at NAB, April 15th-19th at booth W2321, West Hall.

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Press Contact: Chantal Fourgeaud, Director of Marketing Communications


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