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Unique Ecreso Offer!

Creators of advanced radio broadcast solutions for over 60 years, our ambition is to advance the market with and for our customers. 

We understand the complexity in choosing the right broadcast transmitter - one that is reliable, easy to deploy, with the ideal additional features, and of course, cost-competitive. 

Discover our new pricing package for the Ecreso FM AiO Series - 600W and 1kW transmitters, specially designed to meet your needs. 

By choosing Ecreso for your FM broadcasting, you will be joining a community of passionate radio operators and stations, who are on-air with 20,000+ Ecreso FM transmitters at 10,000 sites worldwide.



Three packs to meet your needs



This pack benefits from advanced features that facilitate the deployment and operation of the transmitter. 

  • Digital FM exciter
  • Analog audio and MPX inputs
  • Audio and MPX over AES inputs
  • Web GUI
  • Notifications via e-mail & SNMP
  • Wide band sound processor
  • Audio backup with µSD card
  • Silence detection
  • Intelligent input switching
  • Scheduler
  • KYBIO cloud based monitoring for 1 year**


+ 3-month SmartFM trial
up to 40% energy savings


2-year warranty

PERFORM - the most popular!

This pack is our most popular composition. It offers the best ratio between price, performance and features.




  • Dynamic RDS encoder
  • Surge protector
  • 5-Band sound processor
    APT IP Decoder


IP Codecs for the studio: 

APT IP Silver Encoder 
1 000€ *
APT IP Codec with SureStream and MPX over IP
1 500€ *


3-year warranty


This pack integrates all the available features and an exceptional 10-year warranty. This is a unique offer in the industry.



  • Full RDS
  • 5-Band sound processor
  • APT IP Decoder
  • SmartFM perpetual license (up to 40% energy savings)


IP Codecs for the studio: 

APT IP Silver Encoder 
1 000€ *
APT IP Codec with SureStream and MPX over IP
1 500€ *


10-year warranty

*Pack feature sets are fixed and not modifiable. For custom transmitter builds contact us or your local dealer
*Price EXW Bordeaux, France. Without shipping costs. 
**Limited to 25 WorldCast devices and 1 Kybio per company.


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Discover our extensive range of award-winning FM broadcast transmitters, ranging from 100W to 10kW. 

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