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WorldCast Systems and Orban Join Forces

New Jersey, USA / Bordeaux, France - 04 April 2024 - Orban Labs and WorldCast Systems have entered into an agreement where Orban has procured the APTmpX codec technology for use in its line of FM processors including the Optimod 5950, 5750 and Trio-FM products.

WorldCast has rolled out the APTmpX technology on their APT Codec range and also incorporated the algorithm directly on a decoder built into their award-winning Ecreso FM AiO Series Transmitter range. APTmpX is already a field-proven technology and is used in hundreds of MPX STL links globally. 

The key benefits over other MPX compression methods in the market is the absolute transparent nature of the codec, being rooted in ADPCM as opposed to a psychoacoustic code base. This gives the immediate benefit of maintaining perfect sonic fidelity and precise peak control of the high-end processor from which the MPX signal has been derived. The other crucial advantage with APTmpX, thanks to the transparent nature of the algorithm, is that it will not degrade in any way the Nielsen watermarking technology - used in the USA market to validate station ratings. 

Hartmut Foerster, Product Manager at WorldCast Systems stated, “APTmpX provides a clean MPX compression that not only blows away the competition in terms of quality but is also low power consumption and ultra-low delay, ideal for any broadcaster who wants to transition their STLs from audio baseband to MPX”.

“The APTmpX codec is the only reduced bandwidth codec technology for distributing analog FM composite today that doesn’t negatively impact watermark encoding” said David Day, President of Orban Labs.  “Additionally, its audio quality is spectacular and it’s virtually indistinguishable from the source.  Existing customers can easily upgrade their units with this technology”.

Learn more at the NAB Show on the Orban Booth W3443 or the WorldCast Systems Booth W3449.

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