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How can technology help FM broadcasters face rising electricity costs?


Energy savings is increasingly a top priority across industries and has always been one of our core missions. 

Join our team of experts for this next webinar on the critical rise of electricity costs and its impact on FM radio broadcasters. During this session, our experts will share their thoughts on electricity saving trends on FM transmitters, and how leading radios and broadcasters are now choosing SmartFM to protect their financial health!

Dive into SmartFM and discover how innovative technology can help broadcasters tackle their challenge to reduce their energy bills by up to 40% - without any compromise on the audio quality and coverage.

Wait for it ! A disruptive Sales Offer is announced in the Webinar.

SmartFM Webinar - Ecreso - How technology can help FM broadcasters face rising electricity costs

Hosted by: 
Christophe Poulain, Co-President
Gregory Mercier, Director of Product Marketing
David Houzé, Ecreso Product Manager


Duration: 30 minutes


Register to join us here: