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Ecreso Sound Processor - A Natural, Powerful Sound

  Jan 3, 2018

Sylvain Cavet, Broadcast Audio Processing Consultant, Broadcast & AssociĆ©s

"Imagine if we could offer our listeners a sophisticated listening experience which delivered quality, space, transparency and avoided listener fatigue. Imagine if we could offer a sound that was simply a joy to listen to."

I regularly test new equipment and I have been very pleasantly surprised by the sound quality delivered by the new 5 Band sound processing option that is built-into the new Ecreso FM transmitter range.

The user interface is clear to use and reassuringly, offers several simplified features so a user can easily create their own signature sound. The presets provided enable various contemporary formats such as classical, jazz, acoustic, talk and more.

I was particularly struck by the quality offered by the sound processor, notably the following elements: 

  • fidelity of the timbre
  • spectral balance
  • maintenance of stereo image
  • the outstanding treble
  • perfect drum transients for Jazz music
  • the transparency of the filtering for FM broadcasting all made a very positive impression.

The wideband AGC which is a very important stage for program stability reacts well and keeps the program content dynamic. The 5 Band stages create a calibrated sound that is completely stable.

The enhancers play their part perfectly adding nice little touches, especially on the bass and the clipper delivers excellent broadcast-quality audio within a reasonable MPX power range.

Overall this is an exciting new processor enhanced further by the fact it is based on a digital modulator platform with the option of future software updates.  For the price level, it offers a very high quality of sound processing and an excellent integrated solution. 

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