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Tusass in Greenland relies on WorldCast Systems for major rollout of STLs


Nuuk, Greenland, July 2023 - Among its many other business operations, Tusass acts as the national operator for radio and TV in Greenland.

At the beginning of the year, they began a massive rollout to renew their existing radio program and create a new national program, covering 70 sites in the country. This massive renewal for transmission and STL programs meant the acquisition of new Ecreso FM transmitters (for a total of 140) as well as acquiring a new network infrastructure for audio over IP transport. Overseeing the deployment from Tusass was Bo Christensen, Project Manager. His main criteria for product selection were robustness, all-in-one convenience, ease of use and maintenance.

The network head end is composed of one APT Frame per program including redundancy at each level; first hardware-based with dual power supply and redundant AoIP modules to send audio over IP, as well as with software redundancy thanks to SureStream, the « always-on » streaming technology.

Tusass site in Greenland - STL deployment
Team training Tusass, Greenland - broadcasters

Tusass team along with David Houzé from WorldCast, during a training session in Greenland.

At each transmitter site, a software-based APT IP Decoder receives the audio from a multicast server. This software IP decoder is hosted by Ecreso AiO series transmitters and is built upon the source code of the field-proven APT IP Codec. Tusass also relies on WorldCast’s NMS platform, Kybio, for supervision of their radio network.

This project was validated early 2022 and deployment is now complete. It was accompanied with on-site training as well as support for their first installation.

Tusass now benefits from redundant, highly available STL links with the best audio quality and performances on the market while maintaining a low deployment cost and reduced maintenance needs. This new project together reflects Tusass' continuing trust in WorldCast Systems to provide high quality and future-proof audio distribution to Greenland’s audience of listeners. 


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