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Renewing FM Broadcast Ecosystem for Better Reliability and Efficiency: A RADIO KERRY Success Story with WorldCast


Customer: Trevor Galvin, Engineering & IT Manager

Company:Radio Kerry

Location: County Kerry, Ireland


  • Ecreso FM AiO Series transmitters with SmartFM
  • APT IP Codecs
  • Audemat RDS Encoder

Key Benefits:

  • WorldCast as a trusted brand that has a longstanding presence in the industry
  • Great technical support
  • Ecreso transmitters’ impressive build quality, overall efficiency
  • Easy maintenance with hot swap power supply and fan
  • User-friendly web interface
Trevor Galvin of Radio Kerry

Context & Challenge

Radio Kerry is deeply embedded in the Irish broadcasting scene as a full-service, commercial radio station. Nestled in the picturesque County Kerry, the station caters to the diverse needs of its audience in Southwest Ireland.
Before turning to the Ecreso FM AiO Series transmitters, Radio Kerry had been using another competitor’s brand for FM broadcasting. 

The switch was prompted by their previous supplier’s persistent issues with power supply failures and a perceived lack of progress in terms of efficiency and user interface. 

The pivotal moment for Trevor and his team came when the decision was made to replace the existing FM transmitters.



Southern Ireland town

The search began in early 2023, narrowing down the choice to two contenders. After a benchmark of different solutions, Radio Kerry opted for WorldCast’s Ecreso FM AiO Series to complete their broadcast ecosystem. The purchase went through their local distributor, Radio Services, who had provided invaluable information and support.

The selection of the AiO Series was motivated by their overall efficiency, build quality, and user-friendly interface. Trevor, having observed the positive reception of Ecreso transmitters on the field through other users, saw them as the ideal solution to Radio Kerry's broadcasting needs - “I had seen the Ecreso transmitters in use over the years and anybody I spoke to was very positive about them,” shared Trevor. 

Several factors influenced the choice of WorldCast Systems over competitors. Energy savings took center stage, with Trevor noting the efficiency gains and SmartFM technology. The hot swap power supply and fan, coupled with a user-friendly web interface, SNMP, and logging, solidified the decision. 

Radio Kerry, also reassured by their longstanding relationship with WorldCast for other products, including their APT IP Codecs and Audemat RDS Encoder, saw Ecreso as the obvious choice for their renewal.

Built-In Software Utilization

Radio Kerry's commitment to operational cost efficiency led them to activate built-in software features like SmartFM. This decision not only aligned with financial goals but also contributed to the station's efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

As they were already happy with their existing setup of previously purchased APT IP Codecs (using SureStream) and the Audemat RDS Encoder, they had not found the need to activate the onboard software versions in the AiO Series transmitter. “I can however see the potential benefits to quality and reduction in OPEX by having these features built into the AiO using the same tried and tested technology,” comments Trevor.



Trevor reports a flawless experience with Ecreso FM AiO transmitters. The support team's responsiveness to queries and the ease of configuration and installation, each taking around one hour after bench testing, have left Radio Kerry delighted with their purchase.

The confidence derived from dealing with a trusted brand that has a longstanding presence in the industry is a key benefit for Trevor and the management team. The seamless integration of the AiO Series into Radio Kerry's broadcasting setup enhances their trust in WorldCast as the right "eco-system" for their needs.

Would Radio Kerry Recommend WorldCast Systems?

Trevor Galvin expresses no hesitation in recommending WorldCast Systems. His long-term association with WorldCast products, coupled with impressive build quality and support, positions the company as the go-to-choice for Radio Kerry. Trevor anticipates further acquisitions of AiO transmitters in the near future, solidifying the station's commitment to efficient and reliable broadcasting solutions.   

“We have seen energy consumption drop significantly at each site since installing the AiO. Small footprint, solid design along with hot swap PSU & fan make this the perfect transmitter for us."

-Trevor Galvin, Radio Kerry