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Community radio Mendililia in France is expanding its reach and strengthening its broadcasting operations


Customers: Philippe Orreindy and Jean Claude Arla, 
Co-Presidents of Radio Mendililia

Company:Radio Mendililia

Location: Mauléon, Basque Country, France


Key Benefits:

  • Local company
  • Reactive support service
  • Robust, modern equipment that integrates the most advanced broadcast technologies
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Their Story

The associative radio sector in France continues to display great diversity. It provides a real space for the pluralism of actors and their potential for action. The number of French associative radios is not decreasing; on the contrary, after 25 years of existence as a whole, associative radios have gained legitimacy based on a already long history, a guarantee of their maturity

Radio Mendililia is one of these well-established French community radios. Mendililia (mountain flower in Basque) is a community radio station located in Mauléon, in the French Basque Country. Operated and managed by the community living in the Soule Valley, Radio Mendililia relies on the work and dedication of more than 32 volunteers who, in turn, have the opportunity to tell their stories and share their experiences, becoming active creators and contributors of radio content.

Radio Mendililia radio transmitter site

Radio Mendililia has been a loyal customer of WorldCast Systems for nearly two decades. They have used Ecreso FM transmitters (500W and 1kW), APT codecs, and an Audemat Digiplexer to ensure reliable radio broadcasting. Their main site provides the studio-transmitter link, while their second frequency is relayed by a repeater.

This summer 2023, after 17 years of using WorldCast Systems equipment, the board of Radio Mendililia decided to modernize their infrastructure by replacing their equipment. Satisfied with the quality of the products and the relationship with the WorldCast team, they opted for a similar solution, equipping their station with new compact Ecreso FM 300W and Ecreso FM 100W transmitters with integrated CommPack, RDS, and sound processing options. They also acquired a new pair of APT IP Silver codecs, along with a support contract and on-site installation.

This renewal was an opportunity for the WorldCast Systems team to visit the station and its broadcasting site. The company's products and services have not only expanded the reach of Radio Mendililia but have also allowed this community to continue sharing its concerns, addressing important issues, and promoting the rich history, music, and oral traditions of the Basque people.

Would Radio Mendililia recommend WorldCast Systems to other community radios? When asked, the answer is clear: 

French Basque Country


“Yes, without hesitation! I recommend WorldCast because it is French, responsive, its equipment is robust, modern, and integrates all the latest broadcasting technologies. Moreover, they have always been there when we needed them, whether for troubleshooting or for loans."

- Philippe Orreindy and Jean Claude Arla, 
Co-Presidents, Radio Mendililia.