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Radio FREE DOM and WorldCast Systems: An Infallible Alliance for the Future of Broadcasting at Reunion Island


Testimonial From: Denis Payet, 
Technical and IT Manager

Company:Radio FREE DOM

Location: Reunion Island


  • 27 APT IP Codecs across 17 transmission sites
  • 30+ Ecreso FM and AiO Series transmitters (300W and 600W)

Key Benefits:

  • French equipment with high-quality after-sales service
  • Robust and easy to repair
  • Powerful and clear sound
  • SmartFM for energy savings
  • Ability to gradually activate the integrated codec in the Ecreso FM AiO Series transmitters as needed
  • Apt-X integrated into the codecs for the best audio transport quality at a reduced bitrate
Radio FREE DOM team with Ecreso Radio Transmitter

Their Story

More than 40 years ago, on the enchanting island of Reunion, Radio FREE DOM was born. It was July 14, 1981. Since then, Radio FREE DOM has established itself as the undisputed leader of the FM band in Reunion, with an audience that exceeds 36% audience share, as evidenced by the figures for Médiamétrie from January to June 2023. In search of modernization, standardization and reliability of the broadcasting fleet, FREE DOM turned towards French know-how.

This was the beginning of the partnership with WorldCast Systems around 2005. Thus, for almost ten years, this partnership allowed Radio FREE DOM to broadcast reliably, thanks to EcresoFM transmitters and APTIP codecs provided by WorldCast Systems. “We could count on the excellent functioning of this equipment. We have not experienced any critical failures during all these years and the repairability of the transmitters was a real added value.”

Antenna site for Radio FREE DOM with Ecreso

The year 2012 arrived, marking a turning point with the birth of FREE DOM 2, an extension of the main radio. New technical constraints are imposed, and a new wave of Ecreso transmitters and APT IP Codecs came to enrich their broadcasting fleet. The efficiency of the codecs on the FREE DOM 2 broadcast network was such that they then also integrated them into the main network of Radio FREE DOM(1).

Today, Radio FREE DOM operates entirely over IP, with no less than 27 codecs in permanent operation on site. This transition to a fully digital infrastructure demonstrates the station's continued commitment to remaining at the forefront of technology to provide its listeners with a premium audio experience.

Over the course of two decades of partnership, Radio FREE DOM and WorldCast Systems have evolved together. Ecreso transmitters follow technological advances, and guarantee powerful and clear sound.

The arrival of the new generation of transmitters (Ecreso FM AiO Series) with an APT IP decoder and integrated sound processing, offered an opportunity to rejuvenate the FREE DOM fleet, and thus ensure that the voice of listeners would continue to resonate powerfully across the mountains and the valleys of Reunion Island.

And so the story continues. Radio FREE DOM and WorldCast Systems, united by a passion for radio and the desire to connect hearts and minds, continue to shape the future of broadcasting in Reunion Island.


"The collaboration with WorldCast Systems has propelled Radio FREE DOM for nearly two decades. Each radio show is a promise kept, an authentic connection with our listeners. Thanks to WorldCast, we remain leaders in Reunion."

- Denis Payet, Radio FREE DOM