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Reliable Multi-Channel STL for Synchronous Links


The APT MULTI-CHANNEL CODEC can transport multiple channels of audio over T1 or E1 links. In its 1U Frame, it can accommodate up to 3 slimline audio cards delivering simplex/duplex and analog/digital audio via a universal 37-way D-type connector.

Based on a rock-solid DSP-based architecture designed for round-the-clock operation, this modular unit offers hot-swappable cards for uninterrupted audio, redundant power supplies and exceptional audio quality with linear, aptX® Enhanced and many other coding schemes.


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Performance

  • Multi-Channel Codec supporting up to 3 audio cards delivering simplex/duplex and analog or digital audio
  • Outstanding audio quality with low delay, cascade-resilient aptX Enhanced
  • Many other standards and optional coding options available*
  • Robust DSP-based platform for mission-critical operation
  • Redundant Power Supplies as standard, no single point of failure
  • Hot-swappable cards enable uninterrupted audio


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Control

  • User-configurable suite of audio, link, sync and PSU alarms
  • Single network connection for central management of the full frame
  • WorldCast Systems network management (NMS) allows control of multiple frames simultaneously
  • Support for SNMP


Audemat ScriptEasy Powerful Savings

  • Exceptional channel density in space-saving 1RU format
  • Flexible & modular system that can scale according to your requirements
  • Dual T1/E1 line connection on a single transport module allows drop/insert applications
  • Seamless Migration from T1/E1 to IP networks with minimal investment


  • Reliable DSP-based architecture
  • Enables transport of up to 12 simplex or 6 duplex channels
  • Provides broadcast-grade audio using aptX Enhanced or Linear PCM 
  • Support for a wide range of other coding and companding schemes
  • Multiple levels of redundancy and back-up
  • Enables Drop & Insert applications



Master Controller Module (MCU)

The MCU module controls the operation of all other modules in the system, allocating them time slots on the backplane and sending configuration information. It enables: 

  • Status Monitoring - The processor constantly polls the status of individual transport modules and makes failsafe decisions based on this status. The module also monitors the frame temperature and the power supplies of the system.
  • Hardware Alarms - The alarm port on the MCU module provides seven GPIO relay contact closures in order to indicate critical status and alarm conditions.
  • Hot-Swappable Operation - Once a Multi-Channel Frame is configured, it is able to continue to operate in the event of an MCU card failure as each card will hold its local settings. The MCU can then be “hot swapped” and will recover the current system settings from the individual modules.
  • Configuration Pre-sets - The MCU can store pre-defined configurations as pre-sets. A pre-set can also be used by the alarm system and for backup scenarios. Also, a pre-set can be loaded manually from the NMS GUI or external switch inputs
E1 / T1
E1 / T1

E1/T1 Transport Module

The T1/E1 module is one of the most common choices for audio transport due to the reliability and widespread availability of T1 and E1 circuits.

Key advantages include:

  • Line Redundancy - Each module comprises two T1/E1 framer devices and two line interfaces enabling line redundancy.
  • Drop & Insert  - The T1/E1 module provides a failsafe circuit that, in the event of totalfailure of the module, connects the upstream T1/E1 circuit to the downstream T1/E1 circuit, thereby preserving the integrity of the data path to any other devices on the network ring.
  • Contribution Data & Clocking - Any data received by the X.21 port is then placed onto the T1/E1 transport link. In combination with the external clock input, this module provides versatile system timing options to connect to almost any network.
E1 / T1
E1 / T1

Universal Audio Module

The slimline universal audio module for the APT E1/T1 MULTI-CHANNEL CODEC offers a 37-way D Type connection. Four physical slots on the 1U chassis allow the population of up to three payload modules (Audio or Aux) and one T1/E1 transport card.

This results in 12 simplex and 6 duplex channels. Each module offers four audio channels which can be either four encode, four decode or two encode and two decode.

Offering a high level of flexibility and channel density, the universal audio card can provide either dual stereo or quad mono channels in simplex mode. Individual channels can be enabled and disabled or routed to different destinations. For example, on a T1/E1 link, stereo A can go to the main T1/E1 link and stereo B on the secondary, the drop and insert circuit.

The E1 module is available with both RJ45 and BNC connectors.


With a modular, single-platform approach, multiple layers of redundancy and exceptional scalability and flexibility, the APT E1/T1 MULTI-CHANNEL CODEC is the perfect solution for Studio-Transmitter Links, Studio-Studio Links, Remote broadcast, backhaul and studio linking applications. 

Typical Program Disctribution Network with Redundant Encoder


user report

User report

«It’s been my experience that the audio quality of devices built by APT is unsurpassed, and the multi-channel codec is no different. It’s a real pleasure to listen to. The unit is built extremely well, and I have the utmost confidence in it.»
Doug Irwin CPBE, DRB, AMD, RF Engineer /Project Manager, iHeartMedia, Los Angeles & Technical Editor, Radio Magazine, USA 


Current Version: 5.3

See all the specifications in the brochure.


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