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BBC World Service Selects Ecreso
FM Transmitter Systems for Radio Broadcasting

Press Release - April 3, 2019

WorldCast Systems, a leading supplier of advanced broadcast solutions for customers across the globe, announces an agreement to supply ECRESO FM transmitters and associated services to the BBC World Service – one of the world’s largest international news organisations, broadcasting radio and TV in 42 languages.

The agreement covers the supply of racks equipped with ECRESO FM transmitters in a 1+1 redundant configuration and an ECRESO Control Unit. WorldCast Systems associated services include system integration, transmitter configuration, testing, delivery, and transmitter operations training.

Simon Gosby from World Service Distribution said “We are pleased to partner with Worldcast as part of our FM transmitter replacement programme and look forward to continuing to provide a reliable service for our global audience”

WorldCast Systems, with its ECRESO brand, leverages over 60 years of RF experience and has an extensive range of FM transmitters within the low, medium, and high-power range. Some of the main advantages of the ECRESO FM transmitters are its high efficiency of 72% and its innovative onboard features such as 5-Band audio processing hosted in the direct to channel digital modulator, dynamic RDS encoding, and MPX over AES compatibility. It is also fully featured for local maintenance and configuration as well as extensive remote control by web server and SNMP.

Legend: Rack of ECRESO FM 1000W in 1+1 redundancy

Six 1,000 watt and two 2,000 watt 1+1 systems have now been shipped to the UK before final delivery to broadcast sites in Africa and Asia.